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• Within 50 miles of 2218 Cold Springs Rd, Placerville, CA 95667, USA 50 38.7369 -120.85 2218 Cold Springs Rd, Placerville, CA 95667, USA
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• 113310 Logging
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The Eldorado National Forest is soliciting competitive offers for the 2 Chaix Forest Health Stewardship Project. 2 Chaix Forest Health Stewardship Project is located within T.11.N., R.12.E., T.11.N., R.13.E., T.12.N., R.12. E., T.12.N., R.13.E., T.13.N., R.14.E., T.14.N., R.14.E., M.D.B.&M. Sealed - "Best Value" offers will be received at the Forest Supervisor's Office at 2:00 P.M. local time on Monday, September 24, 2012 for an estimated 68245 Tons (11106 M board feet) of sawtimber marked or otherwise designated for cutting on 2147 acres and three Mandatory and one Optional stewardship projects. The Mandatory Project #1 is Small Tree Thinning and Removal on 1945 acres; #2 is Brush Cutting and Machine Piling on 1136 acres and #3 is Machine Piling on 283 acres. The Optional Project is Mastication on 593 acres. The Forest Service will evaluate competitive offers submitted by offerors who present a price offer and technical proposal according to the information found under the section in the offer titled "Instructions to Offerors." Evaluation factors for this project are technical approach, capability and past performance, utilization of local workforce, and price. One award will be made to the offeror whose proposal is technically acceptable and whose technical/price relationship is the "best value" to the Government. The Forest Service reserves the right to reject any and all offers. A prospectus is available to the public and interested offerors from the offices listed below. Information concerning the timber and stewardship projects specific to this project, and submission of offers is available to the public from the District Ranger, Georgetown Ranger District, 7600 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, CA 95634 or the Forest Supervisor, 100 Forni Road, Placerville, California 95667.

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