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    Within 50 miles of 43481-44099 SE Trout Creek Rd, Corbett, OR 97019, USA

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    Small Business

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    237310 Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

General Details on this Teaming Opportunity

The purpose of this announcement is to make notice that the Forest Service contemplates releasing a solicitation numbered AG-046W-S-12-0038 on or about August 29, 2012, for the Multnomah Falls Footbridge Restoration (Benson Footbridge) project. This notice meets the requirements of FAR 5.201. However, the Forest Service reserves the right not to release a solicitation. Multnomah Falls Footbridge is an approximately 52' long cast in place steel and concrete arch built in 1914 located at Multnomah Falls. This contract will accomplish needed repairs. Work includes: Mobilization, placement of barricades to separate hikers from work areas; placement of stream protection tarps; erection of scaffolding; removal of powerline and powerline attachment to bridge; low-pressure washing plan, low-pressure washing the entire bridge; locating and determining needed size of repair areas; determining color match of repair materials to match clean adjacent original concrete color; color pannels required for approval; repair proceedure plan for approval; preparing concrete and rebar areas for repair; pressure gouting some repair areas and sealing other repair areas with approved colored repair materials; curing and finishing repair areas. Deck seal is an optional item. Deck sealing materials and plan to be submitted for approval. No solids greater that 2mm(0.03937 inches) allowed in stream. Construction activites allowed only end of Labor Day weekend through June 14. Pressure washing allowed only May 1 to June 14. No work Saturday and Sunday. Bridge to be open to public use during construction, except for while pressure washing, sand blasting, deck seal or other work considered dangerous to public.The project can be located as follows: This work will be performed at Multnomah Falls Footbridge located at milepost 0.5 on Larch Mountain Trail which begins approximately 13.5 miles East of Troutdale, Oregon, at milepost 32 of SR30 and adjacent to Exit 31 of Interstate 84 at Multnomah Falls. Bridge is located at Latitude 45 degrees, 34', 39" N, Longitude 122 degrees, 07', 01" W; T.1N., R.6E., Sec 7.

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