Alister & Paine Magazine Lights Up With Ted's Cigars

Ted's Cigars Sponsors the 2011-2012 Alister & Paine Race Season

The Alister & Paine cigar by Ted's Cigars.

Alister & Paine Magazine is proud to announce Ted's Cigars as our newest sponsor of the 2011-2012 race season.

Each year Alister & Paine Magazine participates in racing events across the country and is invited to driving events across the globe. Our drivers have raced BMW's, Porsche's, Formula 2000's, Lotus, Ferrari's, and Lamborghini's across America.

Our 2011-2012 season kicks off on November 10 at Laguna Seca Raceway for the three-day Mercedes Benz AMG PRO Racing Academy. 

We are the digital magazine for 21st century executives... and Ted's Cigars makes the official Alister & Paine cigars.

About Ted's Cigars: