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H&K USC Muzzle Up Presentation Video on ATAC TVT Firearms Channel

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H&K USC Muzzle Up Presentation Video

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Tom Clarke & Mark Flinn teaching the H&K USC rifle from the Muzzle Up ready position. 

Carrying a rifle in the Muzzle Up position with the butt stock trapped under the bicep and tucked securely into the armpit will be effective in situations that requires a heightened level of readiness while still maintaining a view of possible threats.  As Tom Clarke & Mark Flinn demo in the video, your eyes are aligned with the muzzle through to the target. This will make response to any threat a quick and fast presentation.  The Muzzle Up position, or “high ready position”, may be easier to maintain over a longer period of time versus being in the “ready position” with the muzzle pointed down.  Always keep your trigger finger straight alongside the rifle until you are ready to shoot!

Once you have established your target, present the USC carbine by pushing the rifle straight out in front of you toward the target and then pulling the stock back into the shoulder pocket while moving the selector switch from SAFE to FIRE.  Establish your butt stock and check weld, mount the trigger, and you’re ready to shoot.

As you are moving into the firing position, push the H&K USC outward from the muzzle up position, make sure you are pushing it straight out to the target.  Remain in control of your rifle by pushing it straight out, then back in.  The reason for initially pushing the rifle outward is to clear any gear or clothing from the rifle so nothing is getting caught up and inhibiting your ability to accurately shoot and control your weapon.   If you are using a sling with your rifle, a one-point arrangement is less binding than a two-point.  If you are in a two-point, you will need to come out of the sling in order to allow enough space to push the rifle outward. 

This Muzzle Up demonstration is specific to the H&K USC Carbine. Whatever firearms platform you use, make sure you train and practice with the equipment you plan to use. It is beneficial to practice varying methods of carrying a firearm because different situations will dictate how you are going to have to carry depending on threat levels.  Check out all the different programs on ATAC TV and practice each of them, both with live practice and, of course, DRY PRACTICE! 

Tom Clarke & Mark Flinn show you how to present the firearm and shoot from the Muzzle Up position in the attached video. 

Watch the Video Now:  ATAC TV HK USC Muzzle Up Presentation Video Firearm Channel is a source for Raw, Unscripted Firearm Training.