New Research Links Anxiety and Depression with Arthritis

Recent findings discovered by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention have linked Arthritis with Anxiety and Depression.

Las Vegas, Nev. – Across the United States, well over 21 million adult suffer with Arthritis. However, based on recent findings discovered by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA as well as new information posted on Health and Wellness portal, a new link has been found between the Nation’s largest disability affecting senior citizens and Anxiety as well as previously linked signs of Depression.

It is estimated by the CDC that well over 50 million American’s currently live with Arthritis or symptoms similar to this condition daily. Although in recent years a strong link existed between people who live with Arthritis and some forms of Depression, new research recently printed in an edition of the American College of Rheumatology’s journal Arthritis Care & Research in April 2012 discovered that Anxiety is also one of the more impactful side-effects of this highly debilitating and painful disease.

In the new study conducted by the CDC, researchers conducted surveys on approximately 1800 adults above the age of 45 who have been diagnosed with Arthritis by a licensed medical professional in the past three years. The team from the CDC in Atlanta, led by Dr. Louise Murphy who heads up the Arthritis Program at the CDC in Atlanta, discovered that nearly 85% of the patients who had signs of depression also had signs of Anxiety. And that a total of 30% of the entire group surveyed had extreme signs of Anxiety.

“People with arthritis face a lot of challenges associated with the physical symptoms. If you’re worried about your livelihood and your ability to perform at your job, this can be very stressful,” stated Dr. Murphy. “When we looked at the characteristics of the people with anxiety, there was not a specific group that popped out which suggested that all people with arthritis have a risk of anxiety and depression. Knowing the significant complications they can create shows there is a need to address anxiety and depression on a wider scale.”

At some time of most American’s lives, some sort of Anxiety has existed. Whether due to job interviews, waiting on medical test results or child-hood fears and frustration, Anxiety affects many people across the world today. However, according to the survey and study conducted by the CDC, patients suffering with the debilitating and chronic pain associated with Arthritis can have severe triggering factors which cause increased levels of Anxiety to exist.

Anxiety has been proven to have adverse physical effects like heart palpitations, muscle weakness, tension, fatigue, and head and stomach aches. The body’s own defenses will move to face the threat and will command an increase in blood flow, heart rate, and perspiration. The external signs of anxiety include pallor, sweating and sometimes physical extremities trembling.

To read more about other factors which have contributed to increased Anxiety being discovered in Arthritis patients as well as several natural ways to reduce Anxiety from occurring, please click on the link below to the article posted at

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