Lottery Players Win with Bio-Pick's Scientific Numbers

Newly Introduced Gadget Offers Superior Method to Win Lottery Prizes

SYRACUSE – R & G Specialty Products announced today that their newly developed lottery number picking device, Bio-Pick, has already begun helping players win cash prizes in lotteries throughout the U.S.  Bio-Pick, which helps players select lottery numbers based on biological input, uses technology similar to polygraph lie-detector technology – resulting in lottery numbers to play that are intuitive and uniquely personal.  Several players who recently used the new Bio-Pick device have already reported successful wins. The hand-held device, with built-in bio-sensors, is programmed to support all lotteries in North America and, with its USB port, is easily updated via the Internet to play any lottery in the world, as well as to add new and changing lotteries as they are introduced.  Bio-Pick is on sale now for $19.95 with no shipping charges, and can be ordered online from either (, or from the Bio-Pick website (

“I had a lottery player who received the Bio-Pick as a gift over the holidays report to me that she won $40 the very first time she played the Maryland State Lottery using the Bio-Pick,” said R & G Specialty Products spokesperson, Marc Abshire.  “We also had a player in the Chicago area report to us that he won $500 the first time he used the Bio-Pick for the Illinois State Lottery.  And a player in New York State, who said, ‘This is the first time I’ve won anything at all playing the lottery,’ reported he has won $3 prizes at least six times, in addition to a very exciting $500 prize.”

Winning with the Bio-Pick cannot be guaranteed, but it is a scientifically and mathematically superior way to place a bet in lotteries, Keno, and other numbers games. Besides the giant jackpot sweepstakes, there are thousands of lottery prizes awarded daily, and winning with Bio-Pick reduces the chance of having to share your jackpot winnings with others.  Bio-Pick technology links personal biological input to intuition and luck.  The hand-held device reads the electro-chemistry of the person holding it, and responds to those readings.  The resulting number picks are based on the player’s natural sense of timing and intuition, as well as their unique bio-chemistry.  For more information or to order your own Bio-Pick, please visit the Bio-Pick website at