Blaklader introduces the X1600 workpants: the toughest and most comfortable workwear on the planet

Blaklader X1600 workpants marry strength and comfort for the best of both worlds

SARASOTA, Fla. - Blaklader USA's latest workpants, X1600, will hit store shelves and online retailers in late September. The latest workpants from the best-selling workwear company combine the comfort of cotton pants with new durability technology and engineered reinforcements.

The quality of engineering and level of durability offered by the X1600 will keep contactors wearing the pants four times longer than denim. To find a retailer, visit

The X1600 includes the exterior utility pockets and kneepad pockets that make Blaklader one of the best-selling workwear brands for contractors, but the new release includes major modifications that increase both functionality and durability. Simply put, these are the toughest and arguably the most comfortable workpants available anywhere. Consider the newest improvements to Blaklader's award-winning pant design:

Cordurar leg shields
The most noticeable feature of the X1600 is extended Cordurar shields through the legs. Cordura is a synthetic textile made by DuPont and is the most abrasion-resistant fabric on the market. The shield begins on the upper thigh and extends through the kneepad pocket. The Cordura kneepad pocket and thigh shield combine to cover the majority of the leg for optimum protection.

Underneath the shields, the pants are made from 100 percent cotton. The Cordura shield system allows pants to be made from breathable, comfortable cotton while still dramatically increasing durability, so contractors and construction workers get the best of both worlds.

The right-leg shield also includes a zipper pocket on the thigh to easily store and access gloves, a hat or any other tool contractors need to stay productive.

Modified pant legs
The X1600 features a molded fitting behind the knee to increase mobility, meaning the pants are broken-in and ready to wear from the point of purchase.

The pant legs also feature a 100 percent Cordura cuffs around the ankles to prevent fraying and tearing. The lower seam of the cuff includes a drawstring to prevent debris like sawdust and insulation from falling into boots.

Seams throughout the pants are triple-stitched for maximum durability to prevent tear outs.

Dual-shelf kneepad pockets
Like all Blaklader pants, kneepad pockets are also made from extra-durable Cordura. However, the X1600 incorporates an extended knee pocket with two kneepad shelves. Kneepads can be inserted into the upper and lower shelf to fit all body types for maximum performance and comfort.

Modified utility pockets
Both utility pockets on the X1600 are made of 100 percent Cordura and now include webbed tool loops - perfect for pliers or a tape measure. The workpants also include the traditional hammer loop on the right leg.

Blaklader also redesigned the slits underneath the utility pockets to create a more natural look when pockets are tucked in and out of use.

Modified side pockets
The left leg features the same pocket structure as other Blaklader pants, but the pockets are made entirely from Cordura and fasten with zippers for extra security and maximum mobility on the jobsite. Similar Blaklader pants have open pockets or snap fasteners.

The extended tool pocket on the right leg has been modified to fit larger tools and now includes pencil slits on the exterior to fit any sized pencil.

New color
The X1600 is available in stone grey with black Cordura. The ultra-durable X1600 is the only Blaklader product available in the new color.

With durable 13-ounce cotton pants and loads of Cordura reinforcements, the X1600 has the top features from all other Blaklader pants.

The new X1600 blends the comfort of Blaklader's Brawny and Bantam pants with the durability of Heavy Worker pants. The Brawny pant is made from a thick, 12-ounce cotton canvas while the Bantam pant is made from a lighter 8-ounce cotton. The Heavy Worker is a made from a sturdy 78-22 percent poly-cotton canvas with Cordura reinforcements on the seat, crotch and ankles.

About Blaklader
A leading brand in workwear since 1959, Blaklader originated in Sweden. Blaklader produces more than two million garments a year and is one of Sweden's largest manufacturers in the heavy-duty workwear industry. The full line includes pants, shorts, vests, outerwear, caps and accessories. Blaklader's North American headquarters are in Sarasota, Florida. For more information, visit Get the latest Blaklader news on Facebook and Twitter.