Burst Media and BlogFrog partner to offer a conversational marketing platform for consumer brand advertisers

Brand marketers can now automate consumer engagement on the independent web-beyond the boundaries of display advertising

NEW YORK, NY -  (November 9, 2011) – Today at ad:tech New York, BlogFrog and Burst Media announced a strategic partnership to give brand marketers a way to build online consumer engagement with digital conversational marketing. Burst Media, a leading online media company and wholly owned subsidiary of blinkx PLC (LSE AIM: BLNX), now leverages BlogFrog’s conversation technology to power influencer-led brand communities on the independent web and offer conversational marketing campaigns to consumer brands of all kinds.

BlogFrog is an online community and conversation platform used by bloggers and brands to connect readers with one another, engage in like-minded discussions, and share rich media content. The company’s technology platforms help brand marketers build relationships and trust among consumers online, and its campaigns connect advertisers with highly targeted and engaged consumers who actively share stories, start conversations, post photos and respond to brand-sponsored content. These campaigns leverage the influential bloggers in the BlogFrog network who lead discussions, maintain engagement, promote authenticity and champion brand-relevant content.

The partnership with Burst enables brand advertisers to deploy conversational marketing ad units across Burst’s vertical channels, providing expanded access to passionate communities on independent websites.

“Real influence happens when brands form relationships with consumers and participate in the conversations people are having with one another,” said Chuck Moran, chief marketing officer for Burst Media. “It’s no secret that the online consumers with the most influence are those actively engaged in social technologies and those creating original content on blogs. BlogFrog’s conversation technology, combined with their network of 65,000 interest-based bloggers, made them the perfect partner to help us expand our offering to brands.”

“By engaging in online discussions in a meaningful way long before people see an ad, brands position themselves higher up in the consumer influence food chain,” said Rustin Banks, CEO of BlogFrog. “This is hugely disruptive to the traditional advertising model and allows Burst to offer brand marketers something truly unique: an effective, authentic and meaningful way to engage passionate consumers online.” 

BlogFrog’s conversational solutions have been used by dozens of consumer-focused digital advertisers like Horizon Organics, Coca-Cola, Redbox, ABC News, Random House, Hallmark, and many more.

The initial joint offering will launch on MomIQ, Burst’s women-centric channel. 

“Bloggers represent influence and women represent the most powerful consumer demographic,” says Jessica McGranahan, senior vice president of publisher strategy and development for Burst Media. “The two together are the holy grail for brands trying to reach female consumers online.”

In the coming months, Burst will roll out BlogFrog functionality to its other vertical channels including Ella (geared towards trendsetting women aged 18-34), Stadium (sports fans) and Giant Realm (male gamers aged 18-34).


About BlogFrog

BlogFrog is an online community platform used by bloggers and brands to enable readers to interact with each other, engage in like-minded discussions, and share rich media content. The company’s community and sponsored conversation technology platforms help brand marketers build relationships and trust among women and mom consumers online. BlogFrog is a private company headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Visit http://theblogfrog.com or follow @theblogfrog.


About Burst Media

Founded in 1995, Burst Media represents thousands of independent Web publishers. Through a select group of vertical channels, built around areas of specific interest, Burst connects advertisers with audiences across the Web's most dynamic communities in a social, engaging way. A wholly owned subsidiary of blinkx PLC (LSE AIM: BLNX), Burst is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with sales offices throughout the United States and in the UK.