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Four exercises to burn more calories in your workout

There are hundreds of ways to exercise, and everyone who goes to a gym should know that a complete workout is not to use the more machines better. If our goal is to burn as many calories as possible, it makes no sense to do exercises that strengthen only one muscle: we should prioritize those exercises that work more parts of the body.

As explained by a fitness expert from Infinite Fitness Peninsula - one of the most popular gyms in Cranbourne - the more muscles we are able to incorporate into our training, the more effective this will be. And this does not always mean spending more time in the gym; just choose more complete and intense exercises.

However, there are four popular gym exercises easily replaceable with more complete ones. It is a small change that will allow us to burn more calories at the same time.

1. Stop using the leg press machine and do squats

The leg press machine is ideal for exercising the quadriceps, but it is far from being a complete exercise. The reality is that to train your legs it is better to forget about machines and opt for lifelong squats.

Unlike the machine, squats also allow us to exercise the upper part, as we have to keep it in tension to stand up and complete each repetition. In addition to exercising the quadriceps, we will also train the adductors - to keep the knees apart - and the abdominals - to keep the torso in place while we bend the knees.

2. Stop doing abs

Although conventional abs are a classic exercise that we all know, fitness experts know perfectly that to exercise these muscles the planks are better. By keeping our whole body in tension, in an isometric contraction, we strengthen many muscles: the abdominals, of course, but also the buttocks, the legs, the back, and the chest.

The planks can be done in many ways, but to intensify the exercise even more by performing this on a BOSU ball, a tool present in most gyms that allows us to add difficulty to the planks. By leaning on the ball we lose stability, which forces us to keep our muscles in greater tension.

3. Leave the exercise bike and use the VersaClimber

In this case, it is a good option to opt for a more sophisticated machine. Bicycles are very popular in gyms because they leave the upper body free, and so we can even read the newspaper. But if you are reading while exercising, it is not too intense. To reach the full potential of aerobic exercises, this should not only be long, it must also be intense. To burn calories effectively, you must raise your heart rate to 80% or more of your capacity for more than 20 minutes, only then you will be able to accelerate your metabolism and burn additional calories throughout the day.

The bicycle can be a good exercise, but the machines that exercise both the lower and the upper part are more complete. VersaClimber, a machine in which arms and legs move at the same time, but the elliptical can also work. The important thing, in any case, is that the intensity is adequate.

4. Change the bench press bar by dumbbell bench press

Contrary to what many people think, the barbell bench press is not the best way to train your arms. If instead of lifting a large weight we use two dumbbells lying on a bench it will increase our range of movements, and in addition to exercising the muscles of the arm we will also train those of the shoulders and back and therefore burn more calories.