Free burritos and fundraising for the Life is good Playmakers to mark 15th birthday celebration

Boston, MA – Boloco, a Boston-based family of globally-inspired burrito restaurants celebrates its 15th birthday today.  In an effort to thank all the guests who have supported the business for the first 15 years, Boloco plans to give away approximately 35,000 free burritos company-wide and, in conjunction, aims to raise $25,000 for the Life is good Playmakers, the charitable arm of Boston-based lifestyle brand Life is good.   

“Our hope is that everyone who attends our free burrito day will bring at least one dollar, hopefully more, to donate to the Life is good Playmakers,” says CEO and founder, John Pepper.  “The Playmakers are fundamentally about play and optimism, which all of us love.  But their mission is a serious one.  The Playmakers provide training and support to childcare professionals on the value of play to help children overcome exposure to poverty, violence and illness.

“While we want to thank our guests for the first fifteen years, as always, we love supporting organizations and causes that inspire us.  The Life is good Playmakers is a cause we really connect with, especially their optimistic spirit.” 

Boloco’s birthday celebration will kick off Friday, February 24 at Boloco’s flagship Berklee College of Music location, and the free burrito days will continue over the next six weeks at each location.

"We are so grateful to our friends at Boloco, " says Chief Playmaker Steven Gross. "It's all about relationships and relationships are at the core of both Boloco and Life is good.  With Boloco's help, The Life is good Playmakers will be able to help more children overcome poverty, violence and illness through the life-changing power of joyful, loving and inspiring relationships.”

Back in February of 1997, a restaurant called “Under Wraps” first opened on Massachusetts Avenue, serving up a few varieties of burritos and smoothies to the good people of Boston. Fifteen years, eighteen locations, some heartbreak, two name changes (formerly “The Wrap”), lots of learning and a good sprinkling of success later, Boloco is serving up globally-inspired burritos, bowls, smoothies and shakes throughout New England, not to mention making big plans for neighboring regions like Washington, D.C.

Unlike its national burrito brethren, Boloco’s menu is only 18% Mexican and features a variety of burritos inspired by culinary traditions from around the world, including the bangkok thai, tikka masala, and the buffalo.  Rather than offering one food-coma inducing size, Boloco offers the small and the “disturbingly small” mini. 

Most important to Boloco, the company attempts to push the limits of how well a fast-food burrito joint can take care of its people.  Its mission is to positively impact the lives and futures of its people through bold and inspired food and practices.  Because while it started with four guys running a small restaurant on Mass Ave, today it’s over 300 Boloco team members trying to better their lives, move closer to their dreams, and have some fun!

Says Pepper, “This year, Boloco turns 15 years old.  We have no idea how we made it this far, but we did. Our childhood and early adolescent years were tough, but now, like many teenagers, we’re feeling kind of rebellious.  We’ve got big plans for the rest of our teen years and beyond, starting this year when we hit the Nation’s Capital. Really, we’re still just getting started, because we believe, as crazy as it may seem, that not only does a burrito aspire... it can actually change the world.”

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About Boloco

Boloco believes that even a burrito aspires. The Boston-based family of 18 restaurants and 300 team members serves globally inspired burritos, bowls, smoothies and shakes in locations throughout New England. Boloco’s mission is to positively impact the lives and futures of its people through bold and inspired food and practices. Boloco is 2 Star Certified by the Green Restaurant Association and continually strives to improve its environ-mentality. To get the inside scoop (and earn free burritos), visit,, or email - #bolocolistens.

About The Life is good Company

The Life is good Company, based in Boston, MA, spreads a fresh outlook on life with its colorful collection of apparel and accessories and through its social mission to help kids overcome poverty, violence and illness. For more information on Life is good, please visit

About the Life is good Kids Foundation

The Life is good Kids Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to help kids overcome poverty, violence and illness. Through its action arm, the Life is good Playmakers, it provides training and support to the adults dedicated to caring for these children so that all involved lead healthier, more joyful lives. More than $7.5 million has been raised to date for children in need, principally through Life is good Festivals and the 100% of profits that The Life is good Company donates to the Foundation from nationwide sales of select products. For more information, visit