Study Spanish at California ESL - Language Academy

Do you have the feeling that you want to apply for a really interesting position, but the company requires fluent Spanish skills?

Or do you want to move to a Spanish speaking country to get some international experiences and want to prepare for that? Or do you just want to learn Spanish in an exciting language school?

At California ESL, our goal is to make sure that every student has an educational and fun experience. As our motto goes: California ESL is not just a language school...we are a language experience! We work very hard to make sure that the needs of every student are professionally and successfully met. Our belief is that textbooks are helpful tools, but that students do not learn by drilling practices, they learn by playing with the language, using the language, and engaging with the language.

We would love to start a Spanish Program at California ESL – Language school, so call or E-Mail us to take advantage of special offers and make an appointment for a trial lesson.

Yours, California ESL – Language Academy
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