CareerBuilder Helps to Solve "Black Hole" for Job Applicants with New Technology

CHICAGO - Ever send a resume to an employer and feel like it was lost in a black hole? According to a Personified survey of 250,000 job seekers, nearly 60 percent of job applicants reported they never received a response from employers they recently applied to for a job. CareerBuilder launched a free tool this week called hireINSIDER that helps to remove some of the guesswork from the application process by enabling job seekers to see how they stack up against other applicants for a job. By getting an inside peek into the qualifications of other candidates, job seekers are able to better assess if they are a viable candidate for the job and the likelihood of an employer contacting them.

hireINSIDER aggregates user-generated information from all applicants for a particular job listing, protecting the privacy of each applicant. The innovative technology produces a real-time Job Competition Report, summarizing:

Current number of applicants for the job in ranges
Level of education
Years of experience
Average current salaries
Top college majors of applicants
Top languages spoken
Employment status
How many applicants submitted a cover letter

Job seekers can also sign up to receive a free Hiring Status Report. In exchange for sharing where they are in the hiring process, they receive an update on what the aggregate applicant pool reported - how many were contacted by the employer, interviewed, hired or were not contacted.

Those who want to drill down into a more in-depth analysis have the option to purchase a more detailed report that covers management experience, number of direct reports, popular companies worked for, recent industries worked in, popular colleges attended and more.

"hireINSIDER is a powerful tool that not only helps you to understand why you're not hearing back from an employer, it provides direction for your job search and desired career path," said Brent Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America. "hireINSIDER also benefits employers who may not have the time or resources to respond to an increasing amount of applications in a tough economy. By providing the feedback that job seekers need, it helps to alleviate the negative impact that a lack of response can have on a company's employment brand."

Employers can also utilize hireINSIDER's technology to gain a better understanding of the demographics of their applicant pool. Based on the findings, employers can adjust messaging and targeting strategies accordingly.