Center for Media Justice Applauds Senate for Rejecting Attempts to Repeal FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Statement from the Center for Media Justice

November 10, 2011 (Oakland, CA) – On Thursday, the Senate voted to reject a Senate resolution (S.J. Res. 6) that would’ve repealed the Federal Communications Commission’s rules for net neutrality.  The resolution would’ve given corporations like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon unfettered power and control over the Internet. 

“We’re extremely pleased that the Senate has voted to allow the FCC to carry out it’s work – which is to put people before profits and keep the Internet open and free from discrimination,” said amalia deloney, Media Policy Field Director for the Center for Media Justice.  “Maintaining an open Internet ensures that our communities have access to the full creative potential of this indispensable communications system and more importantly, allows us to use this important tool to organize around critical justice issues and strengthen the economic well being of our families and communities.” 

Across the country civil rights leaders, grassroots activists, philanthropic leaders, small businesses, artists, and members of marginalized communities use the Internet to reach larger audiences and manage our daily lives.  In the context of extreme media bias and significant barriers to media access, the openness of the Internet provides us a necessary path to democratic engagement and social change in the 21st Century.  

The Center for Media Justice will continue to work with our partners, allies, and the FCC to ensure that the independent voices and diverse perspectives of our communities will continue to be heard as we fight for Internet freedom and social justice. 

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