Dentists Dish on Their Top 10 "Fantasy" Patients

President Obama, Julia Child and Tiger Woods are among the favorites

Ever wonder what modern dentistry could do for some of history's famous figures? Or which fictional characters could use some real time in a dentist's chair?

The Chicago Dental Society surveyed more than 250 members to find out whose mouth they'd most like to examine. Below is a list of their top 10 favorites, pulling from history, popular culture and current events.

Picture this eclectic group of patients together in a waiting room:

10) Dracula. "Twilight" fever has dentists wondering about those pointy teeth. Are they hollow like drinking straws? And does blood-drinking cause cavities?

9) Elvis Presley. A visit with the King might finally put to rest rumors about his death, but dentists are also curious about what cosmetic dental work was like in the 1960s.

8) Mona Lisa. Was a poor smile the reason Lisa del Giocondo, the subject of the famous painting, stayed tight-lipped? Dentists want to solve the mystery.

7) President Obama. Bragging rights aside, dentists are generally concerned with our President's oral health -- from the effects of his smoking to jaw clenching. And more than a few would like the chance to chat about healthcare reform.

6) Julia Child. We know Julia could cook, but did she floss? Dentists would like to know more about the oral health of the great cooking legend -- and maybe swap recipes.

5) Tiger Woods. Some dentists admit they want the scoop on his "transgressions." Others are just seeking a great golf partner. One dentist wants to fix Tiger's "pesky" discolored tooth.

4) Albert Einstein. Forget wisdom teeth -- dentists are looking for intellectual conversation and insight from one of the world's greatest thinkers.

3) Jesus. Self-explanatory.

2) G.V. Black. The Illinois native (born in 1836) is known as the "Founding Father of Modern Dentistry." Dentists agreed treating him would be an honor.

And the No. 1 patient dentists would like to see in their practice..

1) George Washington. Two words: wooden teeth. (Although in the interest of accuracy, historians would point out his dentures were actually made from ivory and gold.)

# # #

The survey was conducted for the Chicago Dental Society's 145th annual Midwinter Meeting, which will bring more than 30,000 dental professionals to Chicago Feb. 25-27. The Midwinter Meeting is a forum for dentists to learn about new products, technologies and methods.