Conxeo is proud to announce our September Conxport Release!

Here is a list of the main improvements we've implemented:


o Now supports conditional logic and branching, which allows you to dynamically decide which questions or steps should be hidden or displayed

o Now easier than ever to build lists! Dropdown's and list-boxes now support copy & paste, dynamic reordering of lists based on preference, etc.

o New file types available in our File Upload control, including support for Microsoft Office 2010 file formats

o Enabled single-step form editing to improve performance and reduce clutter

Response Status

o Now supports public-facing status names which allow you to mask your internal status names when displayed on the public portal

Proposal Review

o Email addresses and URLs provided by submitters can be clicked on to automatically create an email or take you directly to a webpage

o Paging and sorting preferences are now saved across filters and reports

Submitter's Portal

o Our new support ticketing system allows submitters to communicate technical issues to our support staff

o Improved tools for creating and editing Portal content, including additional options for adding color to new areas of the Portal Welcome Page.


o Customers have the option to increase site security through SSL (http vs. https). Visit and don't forget to update your bookmarks!

Remember, your feedback can make a difference. All suggestions are reviewed and considered for future monthly releases so please let us know what you think!