Tarrytown, New York- Conxeo has announced the integration of Microsoft Outlook into its highly successful PropertyPort application. Using PropertyPort's Outlook Sync feature, clients will be able to easily synchronize their actions, contacts and notes between PropertyPort and Outlook.
Here's how it works:
1. Sync Actions - Actions created in PropertyPort will automatically appear in Outlook. If you update an action in Outlook, your changes will be saved in PropertyPort as well.
2. Sync Contacts - Your contacts can be synced between PropertyPort and Outlook. Users will be able to define which contacts should be synced to PropertyPort and which ones should remain private.
3. Email Creation Notes - When an email message is sent to a PropertyPort contact through Microsoft Outlook, users will have the option to add a note to PropertyPort without leaving Outlook.
"Our clients have been asking us for Outlook integration so we knew we had to make it a high priority on our development road map," said Marc Potvin, Director of PropertyPort. "From the feedback that we've received so far, Outlook Sync appears to be a tremendous value-add for PropertyPort clients."
Bob Reif, Chief Marketing Officer for the St. Louis Rams, shares how PropertyPort has supported his organization: "We've been using PropertyPort for about two years now and have found it to be a tremendous tool for managing our sponsorship program. With the luxury of time, we have been able to think more strategically about our business. The teams that are using innovation, specifically technology like PropertyPort, have been able to drive business. Recently we just added the CRM component and are looking to start using the Outlook interface, communications portal and workflow soon. The team at Conxeo really understands our business and has been great to work with."
Brad Barton, Chief Executive Officer of Conxeo, said, "We are delighted that Marc and his team have been able to integrate PropertyPort and Outlook. This only adds to the tremendous feature set that is already built into PropertyPort and used by nearly 40 clients (CRM, Asset Inventory, Communications Portal and Workflow). From the early days of development, with so many teams and universities asking us for this feature, we knew it was critical to their programs. Like all of our products and features, we took the time to make sure that we delivered something that our clients highly value."

About Conxeo

Conxeor is a software solutions provider committed to helping businesses make better connections with their constituents through web-based process management solutions. Conxeo offers three web-based products: PropertyPort, Conxport and SponsorPort.

PropertyPort is a web-based solution that helps properties such as sports teams, fairs, and festivals manage their sponsorship assets and their sponsorship relationships. This software tracks assets such as signage, ticket backs, media placements, hospitality tents, allowing sponsorship sales teams to create proposals and recap reports and provides oversight reporting to sponsorship sales executives and management.

Conxport is a web-based solution that allows businesses to build and publish powerful web applications that collect data, streamline communications (internally and externally) and improve decision-making through collaboration.

SponsorPort enables businesses to easily manage incoming requests, unsolicited or welcome. This web-based software helps organizations manage incoming requests, distribute them to the responsible person or team within the organization, collaborate within and across teams, and respond to all requests.