Prepaid electricity offers no credit check, no deposit, daily usage reports

Corpus Christi, TX - Summer brings some of the best things in life - brighter days, summer vacations, hours at the beach or pool. It also brings higher temperatures and with it higher electricity bills as consumption increases.

But with CPL Retail Energy's prepaid electricity and the lowest rate it has ever offered with that product, customers can manage their electricity bills and conserve energy.

"With pay-as-you-go, you know each day what you spend," said Tonie Page*. "You can remember what you did yesterday versus what you did a month ago. It took all the guesswork out of what my bill was going to be. I love the program."

CPL Retail Energy offers a new way to pay designed to help Texans regain control of their electricity usage and budget just in time for the official, first day of summer, June 21. With prepaid electricity service, CPL sends a text or email daily to customers notifying them of their electricity usage and their account balance, taking the guesswork out of it.

CPL also recently cut its rate on prepaid electricity to 9.4 cents per kilowatt hour through Aug. 17, very comparable to its post-paid electricity. That's the lowest rate the company has offered on prepaid since its initial launch in July 2010.

"Summertime doesn't have to mean higher electricity bills," said Jim Steffes, vice president and general manager of CPL Retail Energy. "By implementing some simple tips and using a plan designed for the budget-conscience consumer, people can get control over their electricity bills. Prepaid service allows customers to choose when they pay, how they pay and what they pay."

The prepaid service doesn't require a credit check or deposit. It offers convenient payment options with no hidden fees. Best of all, the daily updates encourage customers to monitor and change their energy-consumption habits. Customers may also be more conscious of the environmental and budget impact of those changes.

"My prepaid electricity has been running $25 to $30 a month whereas my bill used to be somewhere between $100 and $180," said Marilyn Evans*. "I think it is a lot, lot better to give people not having a lot of money the control over what they're getting in electricity."

CPL Retail Energy was the first of the three largest retail electric providers in Texas to offer consumers the choice of a hassle-free way to pay for their electricity, as and when they need it. Consumers now can be in control - simply paying for what they use and the flexibility to pay for more electricity when it meets their needs.

"I've recommended it to my father, two of my coworkers and my best friend," said Tonie. "They were very impressed."

With CPL Retail Energy's strong financial status and on-going focus on a positive customer experience, consumers can be confident that they are dealing with a company that will work every day as their long-term energy partner.

Potential customers may learn more about the product and may enroll by calling toll free 1-855-729-2796 or visiting www.cplretailenergy.com/prepaid.

* Customer quotes taken from actual prepaid customers during taped interviews in May 2011.