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Great Advice: Take every opportunity that comes your way

Meet Kerry Lamb

Her instructors describe her as "the ideal student as she has said yes to every opportunity that came her way." Indeed, this is excellent advice isn't it? By keeping an eye out for new opportunities, she has found ways to express her creativity and create a life of fulfillment.

Kerry's creativity spans from colorful, 2-D graphic design creations to delectable dishes that pop of your plate.

Lamb's interest in culinary began in 2010, when she attended culinary school. Shortly after, her passions evolved and Kerry went on to study Graphic Design. These skills resulted in a very successful career for years. 

Like so many of us experience from time to time, Kerry's fearless and adventurous spirit urged her to seek out new career opportunities. With no fear of change, she returned to her first love: culinary. 

Just a few culinary classes in CWC Jackson's Community Enrichment Program and she had reignited her skills. Completion of these courses led to winning First Place, along with three other students, at a culinary competition. But more importantly they carried her into a new career as a chef at the local preschool where she prepared 500 meals daily.

Although Kerry is retired now, we're sure she is up to something good. Life has a way of opening doors for us... only question is, whether we are willing to step through them.

For Kerry Lamb, CWC Jackson's Community Enrichment culinary courses launched her into a new and fulfilling career. With such a broad range in courses offered, CWC Jackson can provide opportunities for a student to:

  • Find what truly fires them up!
  • Express their creativity
  • Learn a new skill
  • Expand on current knowledge and expertise

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