Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off

Industry's Best Mobile Marketing Program by Dan Hollings

Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off
Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off
  • Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off
    Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off
    Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off
    Daily Gangster Heist: Mobile Success Formula, 90% off


Dan Hollings... one of the top Mobile Marketing strategist in the industry, (yes, the same guy that did that big $300,000,000 movie launch that ended up on Oprah a few years ago) has agreed offer Daily Gangsters the BEST price ever seen on what many call, "The Most Definitive Mobile Marketing Training Program On The Market."  It even qualifies as a University Certificate Level Program (for details, see video at site)...

Regardless of what country you are in, regardless of your current skill-set...This is the ONE mobile training program you MUST take if you desire to real in the profitable rewards of this massive customer craze over mobile devices. (for beginners or  pros - you will NOT be dissapointed).

Join here: http://dailygangster.com


You do not need to know anything about mobile to get started, but by the time you’re done, here are a few highlights of the things you’ll know how to do:

  • Re-coop hidden Mobile traffic you already have, and turn it into cash traffic.
  • Setup a mobile site (or landing page) – in under 30 minutes. No programming.
  • Fast-build a mobile buyers list and get 95% open rates.
  • Drive not just online traffic, but foot traffic, OnStar traffic, location-based traffic, text message traffic, 2D barcode traffic (with the snap of a mobile camera) and voice call traffic.
  • Integrate mobile into everything you already do, so that you can max-out ALL your traffic: online, offline and mobile.
  • Optimize your mobile pages for traffic using Mobile SEO strategies.
  • Drive 1 Cent Traffic from top mobile networks.
  • Convert mobile traffic into sales and reap the low hanging fruits of mCommerce.


  • Over 6 hours "edge-of-your-seat" webinar training.
  • 35 pages of blueprints, resource docs, and worksheets
  • Dan's world Famous 7 X 7 Campaign Strategy Blueprints
  • 4 extensive marketing mind maps
  • Over 300 Mobile tool recommendations to get you started
  • A front row seat, in the comfort of your home, with a Marketing strategist companies have paid millions to... for his marketing advice.


The opportunities in mobile are now. The three quick cash categories Dan will focus on are:

  • Strategies to help you sell your own products and services (locally or globally)
  • How to Make “Gangster Money” as a Mobile Consultant (locally or globally)
  • How to corner wide-open affiliate opportunities using mobile traffic.


  • UNIVERSITY CERTIFIED: This course qualifies for college certification and is also taught at California Miramar University (an fully accredited Califonia University).
  • OPTIONAL: Participants in this Mobile Success Formula program may qualify for a University "Certificate of Completion" if desired (after the class). Simply pass an optional evaluation test and pay a small fee to the California Miramar University and you'll be the most qualified Mobile Consultant in your area (or have a great addition to your resume). -- Details will be provided to all participants.

It's an offer you can't refuse,
The Daily Gangster