Daily Gangster Heist: Small Business Marketing Bible!

By: David Frey

CALLING! - All Small Business Owners, Independent Professionals, Marketing Directors and Sales Professionals who would like to attract more new customers, sell more to existing customers, and bring back your customers more often, with less effort — no matter what product or service you sell! In this book of marketing tactics you'll find over 30 chapters explaining in detail how to implement each money-making marketing strategy step-by-step.

Who is David Frey?

David Frey has been helping businesses grow and prosper for the past 10 years.  He has spent the last five years as a senior business consultant in one of the world's largest consulting firms, Anderson Consulting, helping clients grow their businesses. He has also been a marketing practitioner in the "real world" as a former Senior V.P. for a $500 Million company, and a V.P., Sales and Marketing in the retirement community industry. David's FREE Marketing Best Practices Newsletter is one of the most widely read online small business marketing newsletters on the Internet today.  It is read by over 45,000 small businesses in 20+ nations around the world.

This manual took David OVER A YEAR TO WRITE and hours and hours of painstaking detail to ensure that each strategy is explained in depth, with clear examples of how you can apply them to your specific business.

You simply won't find a more comprehensive guide to marketing your small business online or offline.  That's why it makes sense for you to take a closer look at the Small Business Marketing Bible.

I'll teach you how to take the guesswork out of attracting prospects, converting them to customers, and turning your customers into an on-going income stream for the life of your business.

Now You Can Give Your Business The Unfair Advantage, Using Innovative Marketing Tactics That Get Results Fast!

The Small Business Marketing Bible contains over 300 pages, packed full of proven marketing tactics that will improve the sales of any product or service.

It doesn't matter if you are a service business, manufacturer, or retailer -- in reality it doesn't matter whether you sell to the Fortune 500 or are a local home-based business.  What you'll learn in this manual will allow you to dominate any market of your choosing... guaranteed.


It's an offer you can't refuse,

The Daily Gangster