Meet and Greet with Gluten-Free Treats

Sponsored by Gluten Free Living in Northern Colorado


May 20, 2011 – Fort Collins, CO – group Gluten Free Living in Northern Colorado is hosting a Meet and Greet with Gluten-Free Treats Thursday, June 2 at 7 pm held at Everyday Joe’s Coffee House (144 S. Mason St., Fort Collins, CO 80524). The Meetup is a casual gathering, open to anyone interested in sampling gluten-free desserts, exchanging recipes, and connecting with other community members who are gluten-free. You don’t have to have celiac disease or be gluten-free to attend.

"By building a community of support there is no reason why individuals need to sacrifice the foods they love," says Sarah Myers, group founder. "We hope members will exchange recipes and resources to overcome dietary restrictions.”

People with celiac disease, or those who are experienced in the area of gluten-sensitivity are invited to bring a homemade gluten-free dessert item, if they wish, with 35 copies of their recipe to share. Coffee and tea are available at Everyday Joe's.

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About Gluten Free Living in Northern Colorado
Gluten Free Northern Colorado is a new support group for people who are choosing to live gluten free, have gluten and wheat allergies/ intolerance, and for those with celiac disease. The group is also welcome to those who support GF friends and family (spouses, partners, children, etc). The group generally meets monthly in the Fort Collins area and welcomes anyone interested to join.

The group's main purposes include:
* educate members and the local community about gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease
* support and networking
* sharing recipes and tips
* learn GF cooking and baking
* product sampling * travel tips
* GF potlucks or restaurant outings