EnlightenNext at the Frontline of Confronting the Holocaust's Cultural Damage

Founder Andrew Cohen and others will open the dialogue at 2010 Global Awareness event in Berlin

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LENOX, Mass./BERLIN, Germany - Three members of EnlightenNext's international network, including founder Andrew Cohen, have been chosen along with several other speakers to open a dialogue Saturday, April 24 at the Global Awareness Association's Holocaust Healing event.

Cohen will address the subjects of cultural development and facing collective cultural structures, with emphasis on how this relates to Germany's struggles to regain cultural unity in the 65 years following World War II.

He'll be joined by Eva Mozes Kor, a Holocaust survivor and one of the `Mengele Twins', who appeared in the 2006 documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele and who speaks frequently on the topic of forgiveness; Gunther Weiland, a 90-year-old former Nazi; Thomas Hu"bl, event organizer, spiritual teacher, and consciousness researcher; Tom Steininger, an Austrian EnlightenNext director and teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment; philosopher Ken Wilber, and EnlightenNext's Ruth Golan, a Israeli psychologist, educator, author, and student of Cohen's studying cultural evolution and going beyond the victim mentality.

For more information, visit enlightennext.org or globalwareness.info.

About EnlightenNext

Founded in 1988 by Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext is a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Lenox, Mass. Its principles are centered on the concept of Evolutionary Enlightenment, which aims to pair spiritual values and individual responsibility with the contemporary concerns of today's world through events, educational courses, and publications. EnlightenNext has additional locations in New York, Boston, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen and a membership base spanning 20 countries. It
also has an ongoing slate of international events and conferences that are designed to help individuals directly participate in both personal and cultural evolution, and has published EnlightenNext magazine since 1992, which is now offered in five languages.