Hardee's officially makes mouth-watering mobile with new iBurger and Tag It! phone applications

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - May 4, 2009 - Hardee'sr fans can now have a Western Bacon Thickburgerr anytime they want one - no napkin required. A new iPhone application, called iBurger, allows users to virtually "eat" a Thickburger with a just few lip smacks.

Compatible with both iPhone and second generation iPod touch (when used with microphone), iBurger uses sound recognition technology to process the munching sounds people make when enjoying a savory Thickburger. So, as users physically munch, the iBurger disappears on the phone screen. Once the iBurger is gone, users can simply tap their phones for a new Western Bacon Thickburger. Supplies are limitless.

For those who are a little more interested in real burgers than virtual ones, Hardee's is now offering special coupons via Tag It!, a new couponing application developed by Microsoft. After downloading the free Tag It! application, users can snap a picture of the special Tag It! symbol stickered on Thickburger boxes to receive a coupon on their phones. The coupon offers burger lovers a free small order of Natural Cut Fries and a free Coke with the purchase of a 1/3lb Western Bacon Thickburger. All the hungry customer needs to do is show the coupon on the phone to a cashier.

"We are always looking for new and innovative ideas, both with our advertising and in the ever-emerging digital realm," said Steve Lemley, Hardee's vice president of field marketing. "These phone applications offer an additional way for us to interact with our customers, save them some money, and provide a bit of just-for-fun entertainment."

The free iBurger app can be downloaded from www.hardees.com and is also available via iTunes (www.itunes.com/appstore). The free Tag It! application is available for download from Microsoft's website (www.microsoft.com/tag).