How Much Does Photo Retouching Services Cost

No one is perfectly flawless but almost everyone wants to look their best in photos, at least. And this is where photo retouching comes handy. Retouching photos is the process in which photographs are manipulated to change the looks, not only of the subject, but the whole picture. Photo retouching can be as simple as adjusting the complexion, removing pimples, or whitening the teeth. There are also complex fixes for high-end retouching needs, background removal, or a clipping path service.

Photo Retouching Services

There are plenty of photo retouching services that are meant for a number of purposes. A photo retoucher has the capacity to make any photo look perfect whether it is for a person’s portrait, product photos, and even specialized photo retouching services for newborn photos, magazine photos, and more. Some of the most common photo retouching services are the following:

1. Headshot Retouching

Headshot photos are mostly used by those who are in the fashion industry. Models and actors need to audition before landing a role or a modeling job. Headshot retouching is needed to make their headshots look flawless so that casting directors and producers will be enticed to hire them.

2. Model Retouching

Models are trained to give the photographers their best poses and look great on camera. It is, however, not guaranteed that photos will turn out exactly how the photographers or the clients want them to be. This is why model retouching is important because it will allow skilled photo editors to fix common model photo mistakes, such as stray hair, wrong exposure, blemishes, and even background removal.

3. High-End Retouching

Aside from simple touch-ups, there are photos that are subjected for high-end retouching because they are to be used for professional photo compositing. High-resolution photos are used for advertising and only specialized photo retouching services can help in producing premium-quality photos.

4. Newborn Photo Retouching

Newborn photography is a growing business. It used to be that only celebrities can afford to have photo shoots for their newborns. These days, however, anyone can professionally document their babies’ growth starting from birth. While professional baby photographers are experts on making baby photos look adorable, it is a fact that there is a need for plenty of photo manipulations to get everything right and make those little newborns look like angels on their photos.

Cost Of Each Services

It is not new in the photo editing industry to be asked about the costs of having photos professionally retouched. Many people are interested in finding the best prices because they are pleased when they are able to get the cheapest price for a specific photo editing services. What every client should understand, however, is that professional-quality photo editing does not come cheap.

In most photography tips, you will find out that photographers are encouraged to have their photos edited by professionals because it is one of the best ways to have awesome photos. With this in mind, you need to understand that editing photos is a skill that is learned by plenty of practice. It is not something that any person can do on a whim. Aside from the skills, there are also digital tools that are used in manipulating photos. These tools are not free for the photo editors to use and they sometimes cost a lot since some of them require annual fees.

Reflecting on these things, you have to understand that pricing for photo editing services vary on a lot of reasons. First, there is the level of difficulty for the edits that are required on each photo. Some photos will take, literally, a minute to be done while some would take 15-30 minutes, even more.

Bottom Line

To give you an idea how pricing works for various photo retouching services, we will refer to the minimum costs set by Ephotovn for clients. Retouching charges for newborn photos start at $2, headshots at $3, model retouching at $5, and high-end retouching at $8. Expert editing techniques are used to complete any of these services. As one of the most trusted photo editing services providers in the industry, it is perfectly safe to say that these prices are reasonable.