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Trauma and Struggle helped "LLAV8" a "queen": A worthy canna-turn around story.


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Trauma and Struggle helped "LLAV8" a "Queen": A worthy canna-turn around story.

The La Reina De Mota seeks to share her story of empowerment with Cannabis.



Denver, Colorado : AIM Public Relations announced today that they are representing online personality and social media/lifestyle influencer, La Reina De Mota. La Reina De Mota aka Ana Izquierdo, is a trailblazing advocate in the cannabis community. Ana Izquierdo created/founded several organizations, community groups, and assisted several brands whom have made splashes in the cannabis industry. A former Women Grow co-chairwoman, Ana Izquierdo stepped out on her own with Kind Buds Inc. community group and CannaCatwalk, a history making runway show that put the cannabis sativa plant on the runway, along with any and all aspects of innovation, tech, art, dance, design and music in one runway show. Since 2015, Ana Izquierdo has built and helped brands build with services that include, but not limited to; graphic design, event marketing, website development, social media content, social media marketing, social media management, original photography, marketing material, publication design, advertisement design and made international splashes in 2019 with a printed ad design in Berlin, Germany. Ms. Izquierdo also has a story that shows that a person can take childhood trauma, adolescent trauma, adult trauma and struggle to turn it around into a story of strength, power and growth.

“I am not a victim, I am a warrior. I say warrior because this journey is not done and I will never stop fighting for what I feel is right. My story's history includes molestation, rape, assault, violence, drug addiction, a slammed reputation by strangers, bouts with racism and homelessness. I stand here today as a woman, a mother, a wife and a warrior to life.,” says Ana Izquierdo, Owner and Operator of Just Ana Co. a digital agency. “This is 2020, I no longer agree to carry the labels others have given me in the past. I only agree to wear the labels I give myself because I know me better than anyone else. I hope my story in this life can help others realize that their goals are only achievable when they believe in themselves. Your circumstance does not define who you are inside. ”


Ana Izquierdo is now open to speaker opportunities and will be relaunching her Youtube Channel, Ana's Playground, to share her "Mota-Vational" philosophies and empower the global community on harm reduction approaches to addiction with cannabinoid therapies, community gatherings that connect community offline and social events that build individuals up. Ana Izquierdo is available for interview and can be booked for speaking engagements. Any requests can be emailed to


" I want to keep it as 100 percent with people in the world. You are not what was done to you! I was victimized before I could even know how to tie my shoes. I battled a 6 year meth addiction. I was recently pulled out of my car and beaten for being a latina. I have lost people and had people turn their backs on me, without any facts. I stand here today, not as a victim, but simply as a woman and that label speaks strength into the core of who I am." says Ana Izquierdo.



About La Reina De Mota: La Reina De Mota is the alter ego of Ana Izquierdo, social media influencer and cannabis entrepreneur. La Reina De Mota (The Queen of Weed) is a founder, CEO and boss woman who boosts the underdog to never give up on their dreams, even in Cannabis.

Launched in 2014, La Reina De Mota aka Ana Izquierdo is a self claimed "Mota-Vational" speaker that can be found on; Instagram, Facebook, Holonis, Twitter, TicTok, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace, Youtube, and Triller. Links to mentions of Ana Izquierdo included below. Images below include images of Ana Izquierdo, images of graphics created by Ana Izquierdo and Images taken by Ana Izquierdo.