"Bali Essentials" Window Treatments New Low Cost Name Brand on JustBlinds.com

JustBlinds.com, the low-cost leader of online window treatments in the United States, launches Bali Essentials line, a low-cost line of branded custom window treatments.

As costs rise and residential real estate remains hard to sell, homeowners turn to economical alternatives to increase the likelihood that their homes will sell. An increasingly popular way to boost curb appeal is adding new, energy-efficient blinds and shades. With the launch of Bali's new Essentials line on JustBlinds.com, homeowners now have a name-brand, affordable option to turn to for custom window treatments.

"I love these blinds, and so did the person who bought my house," said Just Blinds customer Ashley Silva. "I purchased white Bali Essentials 3/8" single cell light Filtering shades to cut energy costs and spruce the room up. They did both of those things for a fraction of the cost I would have paid at Home Depot."

Though name brand custom window treatments are generally at least 50% more expensive than private-label products, the Bali Essentials line makes it possible for shoppers to get Bali brand aluminum, fauxwood, cellular, and vertical window blinds at greatly reduced costs. Free shipping and excellent customer service sweeten the deal.

"I was afraid to purchase online because I've been scammed before, but they were delivered to me for free and on time. I even had an issue with one of my blinds and customer service was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Plus, I got name brand Bali blinds, which I love," said Silva.

The Bali Essentials line is available at JustBlinds.com. To speak to a a JustBlinds.com Sales Representative, call (800) 959-9939 or visit http://www.JustBlinds.com