New Easy-Clasp Cat and Dog Collars and Harnesses Provide Ease of Use and Convenience for Pet Owners

Me & Mine pets introduces exclusive clasp and patent-pending harness construction for best-fitting cat and dog collars and harnesses


Me & Mine introduces a "people-friendly" pet harness that is easier to use on both dogs and cats and is better fitting than competitive products in the marketplace.

The company's easy-clasp, used on both its harnesses and its cat and dog collars, is a simple alternative to the typical plastic pinch-clasps traditionally used on cat and dog collars and harnesses.

Benefits of the easy-clasp:
* Quick, one-handed release
* Easy for seniors or those with reduced hand-strength
* Easy for those with long nails
* Does not get caught in long fur
* Convenient for pet owners that routinely remove collar
* No loud "pop" sound when closed as with pinch clasps, which often startles cats

What makes the patent-pending double-clasp cat and dog harnesses different:
* Unlike existing harnesses on the market which use the same measurement for both the neck and body straps, Me & Mine harnesses use distinct neck and chest measurements to ensure a proper fit. Rarely is a dog the same size from next to chest, and Me & Mine's approach eliminates harnesses that "spin" when worn.
*Sewn-in-place elements eliminate the frustration of straps that slide around when placing on the dog or cat
Longer t-straps and belly straps ensure the chest strap hits in the correct place on dog's body, again ensuring the best possible fit.
*Traditional harnesses require they be forced over the dog's head and a leg and shoulder manipulated to place on the pet. With the double-clasp harness, only one leg must be properly placed, then the double straps are easily connected around the body.
*An improvement on step-in varieties, the easy-clasp makes this the easiest cat or dog harness to use and the distinct neck and chest measurements make it the best-fitting.
*Product packaging and merchandising eliminates customer confusion, with instructions placed so they may be read while properly placing on the dog or cat and easily allowing customers to try before they buy.


Yvonne Ybarra - creator of the online community portal for dog lovers, - tested an easy clasp dog harness on Chewy, her "weirdly shaped" Pekingese with long hair.

Before testing the product, Yvonne admits that she wondered if the neck measurements would be too big. "That is generally the problem I have with Chewy's harnesses - I can get the chest part to fit but the neck part, even sized down as small as possible, is too big and it's not a snug fit. If you can provide a snug fitting dog harness for my weirdly-shaped Peke, I will be singing your praises!"

After using the Me And Mine dog harness, Yvonne loved it. "I have been using the new harness with Chewy for about a week now, and I really like it. I like the way the neck part is so much more snug, and doesn't move around when we walk."

"Then the other day Buster (my freakishly strong Chihuahua mix) wriggled his way out of his traditional nylon dog harness! I freaked out! I know for sure that wouldn't have happened with the Me and Mine harness, because he couldn't have gotten his head, much less his shoulders, out of the harness because the neck measurement would have been a lot smaller than his chest measurement. So that for SURE is a selling point."

April Prohaska, owner of The Pooch Patio - a dog daycare in Dallas - tested 5 easy clasp dog collars for ease of use and durability in a daycare setting

"An easy clasp such as this one is important in a daycare setting where play can sometimes turn rough. It's helpful to grab a dog by the collar and quick release the collar to deter a bite or puncture. Because dog fights can happen so quickly, it can be difficult to get a hold of a typical plastic buckle on most dog collars and push it just right to release."

"Ski" Wejrowski, founder and president of Me & Mine - The "Aha" moment.

"I was always watching dogs walking in my neighborhood, and I noticed the harnesses often were sliding around and barely encapsulating the dog, or the owners simply had them on wrong. I knew if I could improve the fit while also making it really easy for owners to use, then I was on to something."

"As I was checking out competitive products in pet stores, I was surprised when nearly 2/3 of the folks I ran into would ask me if I knew how to put these dog harnesses on! It was clear to me that everything from the way the harnesses are constructed, to how they are displayed, to packaging and placement of instructions confused prospective customers. I knew there was a great deal of room for improvement in this product category."

Dallas-based Me & Mine provides "people-friendly" pet products, including its exclusive easy clasp collar and patent-pending double clasp harness. Its products are designed not only for the ease and convenience of its users, but also for the pet's comfort and best possible fit. Me & Mine's mission is make its easy clasp collars & harnesses the industry standard, while also supporting the safety and happiness of all animals by contributing 10% of all proceeds to animal welfare organizations.