One of the seven to 10 interested bidders for Disney's Miramax name is said to be from a small art house independent movie company called MimiArt Films, LLC.

There have been reports on some Internet sites that Disney's Iger may be interested in a fair swap deal for the MimiArt name in exchange for the Miramax name, not including the Miramax logo or its library.

MimiArt Films, was founded in 2006 by a group of movie buffs and independent investors from New York and New Jersey. And reportedly, upon the company's inception, the principals of the company are said to have selected Walt Disney's CEO, Robert Iger's parents' names, "Mimi" and "Art" (Arthur), for their company name "MimiArt." Apparently, this was done in the hopes that by combining these two names, that this could somehow miraculously transcend the MimiArt Films, Limited Liability Company to the same heights as the Walt Disney Company.

Evidentially the MimiArt name has captured a personal endearing sentimental chord with Iger, as discussions have taken place between Nick Van Dyk, Chairman of Miramax Television and the Attorney for MimiArt Films. There is no word yet on the outcome of those discussions.