Mobi Selected as Award Winner for New Technology Showcase at the Eleventh Annual LifeScience Alley Conference

Conference highlighted innovative new technologies

Mobi, LLC. Creator of the crutch-alternative, Mobilegs, was the recipient of the New Technology Showcase Winner at LifeScience Alley’s 2012 Conference last month at the Minneapolis Convention Center. As an award winner, Mobi was part of 10 organizations chosen to highlight the Conference’s focus on new key drivers shaping the health industry by exhibiting cutting-edge technologies and products. More than 1,600 life science leaders attended.

The New Technology Showcase, sponsored by Mayo Clinic, provided an opportunity for companies around the world to apply for the opportunity to exhibit innovative medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care delivery products.

“We were honored to be alongside the many great products that are redefining the health industry,” said John White CEO of Mobilegs. “In the end, we are about making something that changes people’s lives for the better and to have been among others with the same mission will be truly inspiring.”

Mobilegs are designed to improve on traditional crutches to provide greater stability, reduce secondary injuries, conserve physical energy and improve the recovery experience. Ultimately, they aim to completely transform the world of assisted mobility. From top to bottom, each feature of the traditional crutch has been remodeled for optimum agility.

The LifeScience Alley Conference is the largest gathering of medical technology professionals in the Midwest, attracting leadership from global medical technology and supporting firms. This one-day event included two keynote addresses, four interactive breakout sessions, the new technology showcase, student research poster display and an exhibit hall featuring nearly 100 organizations. 

Mobilegs, available both online or through its exclusive distributor, PSS World Medical, has won a number of prestigious awards for its innovative design, including: Entrepreneur Magazine's List of 100 Brilliant Companies, Top Prize at the IDSA Plastics News Design Awards at NPE2012 International Plastics Showcase, Society of the Plastic Industry Inc.'s Design Award in the Medical and Scientific Category and the Popular Science Award - Best of What's New in Health for 2010-2011. For more information please visit,

Online registration for this year's Conference is now open and available at

About Mobi, LLC
Mobi is a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of mobility aids, including the Mobilegs ergonomic crutch. Establishing entirely new benchmarks in the world of assisted mobility technology, Mobi designs products with those in need, top of mind and with a commitment to making movement easier, more convenient and comfortable. For more information, please visit

About the Selection Process
This year’s finalists were selected by a group of industry experts. Presenting and exhibiting organizations are selected based on the novelty of their technology, its market potential and its ability to improve patient outcomes while lowering per capita health care costs.

About the LifeScience Alley Conference
The largest gathering of life science industry professionals in the Midwest, LifeScience Alley’s annual conference brings together global leaders in the life science and health care industry to identify trends, share expertise and network across disciplines. This event includes participants from over 650 organizations worldwide, and is expected to attract 1,500-2,000 attendees this year. The 2012 Conference features three keynote sessions, four interactive breakout sessions and a newly redesigned exhibit hall. The goal of the conference is to equip attendees with information and resources that will help them stay current on “Today’s Science. Tomorrow’s Healthcare.” For more information, visit or