New Pig Corporation

NEW PIG INTRODUCES PIG® SEDIMENT DRAIN FILTERS -collect debris in catch basins to help meet EPA Stormwater Regs

New Pig has introduced a new line of PIG® Sediment Drain Filters to collect solids that enter storm drains and help facilities meet EPA Stormwater Requirements for minimizing pollutants in stormwater runoff.

UV-resistant, durable and reusable, the filters are constructed of a monofilament polypropylene to capture sand, dirt, sediment, trash, leaves, sticks, cigarette butts and other solids that are washed into storm drains during rain and snowmelt events. Integrated straps secure the bag in place under the drain grate without the use of rebar and cradle the grate for added support and security during installation and removal. The filters feature high-viz straps that can easily be seen above the storm grates by workers and compliance inspectors.

Available in four different sizes and capacity combinations, the filters can handle large capacities but remain manageable during maintenance – not requiring heavy lifting equipment or forklifts for removal. Bypass ports at the top of each insert allow stormwater to continue to flow into the drain during heavy flow or if filters become blocked, and also provide an opening to collect samples of filtered stormwater. Filters feature a high flow rate per minute to minimize bypass and help prevent flooding when the unit is properly maintained.

For more information on New Pig’s line of Sediment Drain Filters, please visit or call 1-800-HOT-HOGS.