Solar System kids' Arts and Crafts which are out of this world!

Arts and crafts activities which can help children learn about the solar system, a resource for finding children's astronomy books and five facts about some planets we share the universe with

The nation has been gripped by BBC2's recent Wonders of the Solar System series.

Kids also feel a sense of wonder when learning about the stars and far-away planets twinkling and revolving in the night sky.

Companies like Baker Ross have all the kids craft supplies to help budding Patrick Moores and junior Brian Coxes build their own private universes in the classroom or at home.

A Make-Your-Own Solar System kit will let kids assemble polystyrene planets around a polystyrene sun. Acrylic paint and magic marbling ink means that children can use their knowledge to colour in the planets correctly. Will they go for fiery orange for Venus? (They'll have to find out a little about the planets before they start colouring.)

Giant Honeycomb 3D Stars & Planets are just as eye-catching. These giant star and planet-shaped card cut-outs have a bright 3D honeycomb centre at their core. They are great to decorate and hang up as they come with coloured ribbons - perfect for livening up classroom and home `atmospheres'.

Planetary displays and collage can be brightened up and personalised even more with Galaxy Foam Stickers; self-adhesive foam rockets, planets and stars. Arts and Crafts `star' pupils can really get busy with these as there are 200 stickers in each pack!

Arts and Crafts activities can take-off with the help of some Make-Your-Own 3D Foam Rockets; the templates provided are easy to make and will look so colourful when completed.

Baker Ross also stocks other planet-related items which serve as great learning aids before or after completing arts and crafts activities. An Inflatable Solar System Set contains planets which are all in proportion to each other; great for picturing the relative sizes of planets compared to humble Mother Earth.

Teachers or parents can also use these mini-planets to demonstrate how the real ones revolve and travel around the sun. An activity booklet can inspire children to find out even more about how Earth is not the only planet.

A Solar System Foam Bookmark Kit is just perfect if kids want to keep their place while reading the activity booklet; there are three designs in each kit for kids to choose from before they start making them.

If your young ones want to read more about the solar system, then do bear in mind that the website has a list of Top 10 Astronomy Books for Kids (

The solar system really is an inspiring subject for kids to find out about.

Below is a short list of five facts about the solar system that I didn't know before today!

Pluto isn't one of the major planets; it is just a `dwarf' planet along with Ceres, Eris, Haumea and the interestingly-named Makemake (`christened' after a Polynesian God).

Uranus is often referred to as the `sideways planet' due to the way it is tilted on its axis so much.

Mercury is mostly obscured by the glare of the Sun and can usually only be seen by eagle-eyed astronomers in the morning or evening twilight.

Mars is red because of the iron oxide (rust) in its rocks and dust.

Venus will probably never be fit for humans to live on as it has an average temperature hot enough to melt lead or zinc and stinks of sulphur!