Alzheimer’s disease is one of the very dangerous diseases that cause memory loss and changes people’s ways of thinking and behavior. People seek memory loss along with loss of intellectual and mental disabilities that may cause changes and interference with dealing with day to day problems. At serious cases, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60% to 80% of dementia symptoms and related cases. Health care providers have provided solution by use of aroma therapy for treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. After great study and medical tests, aroma therapy has served some conclusions for Alzheimer’s disease.

Essential oils have been used for since past to reduce the symptoms of depression, insomnia and anxiety. Lemon balm and lavender aromatherapy resulted increased and improved functional abilities and communication and much of the patient’s behavior improved overcoming much of the difficulty and increase sensibility. Research and study have proven that lemon balm has a strong connection with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which has persuasively served to help the patient to calm and relax down.

Many essential oils of products like lemon, Spanish sage and rosemary have proven to aid Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related symptoms. Rosemary is another essential product used to stimulate body and mind. The active aroma of rosemary has proven to assure higher understanding and performance level along with the improvement of mood and memory. Peppermint also enhances mind and calm the nerves and researches and studies shows the signs of improved memory along with energizing the patient.

Patients who have been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have stated to have a positive and effective treatment on their mood, improvement in sensibility, improvement in understanding and behavior  when they underwent the treatment through some aromatherapy oils. Bergamot is among other effective essential oils that can be used to get relief from anxiety and stress.  Best oil, Ylang Ylang has ease depression, promotes goof sleeping session and is a great essential oil for the person with Alzheimer. Ylang Ylang can be very effective when combined (mixed) with lemon balm and used as an source of aroma while a bath or spray.