Timber!, performed by Cirque Alfonse, abounds with incredible feats of aerial acrobatics and epic feats of agility and strength.

Irvine Barclay Theatre

4242 Campus Drive, Irvine CA | 949.854.4646

Cirque Alfonse: Timber!
Friday, January 22, 2016 at 8pm
Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 2pm & 8pm

Tickets: $100, $46, $38; children 12 and under: $36 $28

Directed by Alain Francoeur
Music by David Boulanger and David Simard
Lighting and Set Design by Nicolas Descôteaux

This group of Quebecois performers is blazing a path that no one has yet dared to explore — the circus arts infused with picturesque facets of traditional Quebec folklore.

You can almost smell the fresh-cut pine logs and the sweat of lumberjacks as you watch them perform to live traditional music. The experience feels and smells authentic. The artists perform incredible feats of aerial acrobatics that are directly inspired by the natural raw materials of the forest. These talented acrobats and musicians create a colorful, energetic experience featuring epic feats of agility and strength, inspired by the exploits of lumberjacks and loggers.

Timber! was an audience favorite at the Cirque Festival in Montreal and at Dollywood's Festival of the Nations in Tennessee.


“…scarily thrilling …the performers' unpretentious pleasure in their own prowess is infectious. It's a show that seems to imply Monty Python were right in believing all lumberjacks are in a permanent state of delirious happiness.” (The Guardian)

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Cirque Alfonse’s founding members have worked with some of the most renowned nouveau cirque companies in the world. Comprising a team of professional acrobats (graduates from the National Circus School in Montréal), a professional dancer, an ex-skiing champion and three talented and versatile musicians, this brave and creative group is blazing a creative path that no one has yet dared to explore−blending the arts and techniques of the circus and infusing them with the most picturesque facets of traditional Québec folklore.

Cirque Alfonse produced its first show, La Brunante, in 2006. The production met with enthusiastic response, becoming the foundation of Timber! Following the run of La Brunante, the company members each went off to pursue their own solo careers, performing with Montréal’s Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirque du Soleil, Cirkus Cirkör of Sweden, the Cirque Starlight of Switzerland and the Montréal dance company, Bouge de là, before embarking on the creation of Timber! in 2010.


Antoine Carabinier Lépine (Acrobat) received his diploma from the École nationale de cirque de Montréal in 2000. A multidisciplinary artist and virtuoso, he excels on the German wheel, the Cyr wheel, general acrobatics, juggling and music. Over the past 11 years, Antoine has collaborated on numerous shows and artistic projects, including: Cirque Éloize’s Nomade and Cirque Orchestra; Cirkus Cirkör’s 99% Unknown; Cirque du Soleil’s Celebrity Cruise Project; Maskarade by the Copenhagen Royal Opera; and Traces by Les 7 doigts de la main.

Julie Carabinier Lépine (Dancer) is from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. At the age of eight, she was initiated into the world of classical ballet, later becoming fascinated by modern dance and theater. She received her diploma in contemporary dance interpretation from L’ecole de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2003. She went on to dance for the Mandala Sitù company and for noted choreographers Sonia Biernath, Manuel Roque, Mélanie Demers, Amélie Lévesque Demers; and for the dance company, Bouge de là with Hélène Langevin. Julie has a passion for Argentine tango and also loves to sing. In 2007, she toured Europe with the Swiss circus company, Salto Natale.

Jonathan Casaubon (Acrobat). Since the age of seven, Jonathan has been somersaulting and perfecting his flips in the family garden. Jonathan was a regular at his neighbourhood gymnastics club, and, within a few years of coaching, was able to reach competitive levels. He earned his diploma in 2000 from the École nationale de cirque de Montréal, specializing in teeterboard and trampoline. Jonathan taught circus arts in Switzerland before joining the Starlight Circus as a performer and as the assistant to the artistic director. Jonathan later joined Cirque du Soleil, where he developed into a highly regarded multidisciplinary artist. He has worked with several other circus troupes, including Salto Natale, Knie and Les 7 doigts de la main.

Francis Roberge (Acrobat) was born in a small hamlet named Tewkesbury, in the Québec City region. One of his earlier jobs was as a lumberjack on a horse farm. He also worked as a guide for the Canadian national rafting team. Always willing to push beyond his limits and challenge himself, he became captivated with the circus arts. He trained at the Québec City Circus School, where he specialized in hand-to-hand, banquine and axe handling. He then gained experience working with several troupes on various projects, including: the 400th anniversary of Québec City; Cirque du Soleil’s Les Chemins Invisibles; and with Cirque Deus ex machina and Compagnie Rasposo.

Alain Carabinier (Actor) was born in Switzerland, where he was an alpine skier and soccer player. He travelled around the world before settling down in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez. He actively participates in the community life of this small town, where he is a soccer trainer and a wallpaper hanger.

Arthur Casaubon (Acrobat) made his debut in Timber! at the age of six weeks at Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival in 2011. He then toured with Vague de Cirque in Gaspésie, Québec in 2011. He has performed with Cirque Alfonse in more than 300 shows around the world. Now four years old, he has grown up touring with his family. He is always eager to get on stage with Timber! where every night is a surprise!

Josianne Laporte (Musician) began studying classical percussion at the age of eight. After receiving her diploma in music from the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2001, she went on tour with musicians Gino Vanelli, Dan Bigras and Isabelle Boulay. For five years she travelled the world as a musician in Cirque Éloize’ Nomade and has appeared on several television shows. Her band, François Roy et les As de la Frime, an up-and-coming rock group, was awarded second place at the United Kingdom’s Rock Festival of Richmond. In 2006, she performed in Cirque Alfonse’s La Brunante.

David Simard (Musician/Composer). A native of, David is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in traditional Canadian music. After discovering the music of Ireland and France, he decided to focus on the music of his ancestors. In 2010, he earned his degree in jazz guitar and traditional music from the Lanaudière Regional College in Joliette, Québec. David plays  mostly jazz and old fiddle tunes of yesteryear on the banjo, guitar, resonator guitar and violin,

André Gagné (Musician) is a musician and singer from Lanaudière, Québec, a region named “the national capital of call and response singing.” André studied jazz guitar in St. Lawrence College in Ontario. He has travelled throughout his native Québec and Europe with the music group, La Giroflée, of which he is founding member. In 2006, André created the musical arrangements for Cirque Alfonse’s first show, La Brunante. He is very pleased to join the Alfonse team once again for its latest opus, Timber!

Alain Francoeur (Director) received a B.A. in Dramatic Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 1986. He first worked as a dancer and actor in experimental theater before moving on to becoming director and choreographer.  Alain is interested in the interdisciplinary aspects of art. In 1988, he joined the celebrated theater troupe, Carbonne 14, as a performance artist in their show, Le Dortoir.  Alain directed Cirque Éloize’s Cirque Orchestra and choreographed for L’Agora de la danse of Montréal. He directed Cirque Alfonse’s La Brunante.

Nicolas Descôteaux (Lighting and Set Designer) received his diploma from the theater program of Collège Lionel-Groulx in Sainte-Thérèse, Québec in 1992. He has designed more than 60 lighting creations and worked with internationally-renowned artists Robert Lepage, Marie Chouinard, Kristian Fredric, Denis Marleau and Daniele Finzi Pasqua. He has worked with Cirque Éloize and Cirque du Soleil.

David Boulanger (Composer) studied violin and jazz interpretation at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent college in Montréal before joining the traditional music group, La Part du Quêteux, whose album, Paye la traite, won Best Folk Album of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2007. He went on to work as a violinist with the renowned Québec group, La Bottine Souriante. He joined Cirque Alfonse in 2006.