Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab Director Featured on Elite American Physicians Website

Brownsville, Texas, May 15, 2016 : Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab is pleased to announce their director, Surya Raguthu, has been featured on the Elite American Physicians website. His biography was approved by the website operators and can now be viewed there.

In addition to serving as the director of Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab, Dr. Raguthu is a renowned physician who has practiced medicine for nearly a quarter of a century. He has worked for Medwin for nearly 15 of those years. Dr. Raguthu primarily sees patients as an interventional pain management specialist, helping patients who are experiencing pain get the relief they are seeking, regardless of the cause of their issues. He often consults on cases dealing with restoring function after injuries, such as those to the nervous system, bones, muscles and other tissues, as well as acute pain management.

His appearance on the Elite American Physicians website showcases his expertise in his field. Dr. Raguthu was selected for his appearance on this website based on his years of experience in the field, along with an assessment of his unique contributions in the field of pain management.

Anyone interested in learning about Dr. Raguthu or his featured biography on the Elite American Physicians website can find out more by visiting the Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab website or by calling 1-956-546-7530.

About Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab : Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab is a medical facility that provides a vast array of medical services to their patients. Some of their primary services include disease prevention, health promotion, physical exams, general health care for all ages, physical therapy and preventive care. They staff a number of doctors and nurses dedicated to helping patients live their lives in as healthy a manner as possible.


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