The power of technology creates an outstanding Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter with seat A3

Technology and science is a veritable shaper of the world and it changes our life and the whole world in a noticeable way. Seeing throughout the last ten years or five scores years, we can easily feel the sea change caused by the technology and science. Technology and science not only changes the life but also alters the sectors of all kinds. Airwheel is a worldwide famous scooter-maker, who places a great emphasis on the innovation which is led by technology and science. Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter A3 is an obvious paragon of all lines of Airwheel.

The most praiseworthy technology used in Airwheel electric scooter A3 is the APP. Airwheel developed a type of APP intended for the users of A3 to install on their mobile phones. Via this type of APP, the user is able to control his scooter at will. He could choose to lock or unlock Airwheel A3 when it is parked outside his sight. This function reassures the user that his scooter is protected perfectly. At the same time, the ability to locate his scooter is also a virtue. Once the owner cannot find his scooter somehow, he could whip out his mobile phone and pinpoint whereabouts of the scooter.

It is the timeless aim of Airwheel to forge a comfortable ride for the user. Airwheel introduces the hydraulic suspension to Airwheel A3. The first adoption of the hydraulic suspension makes the comfortable ride a reality. Even if the rider steers Airwheel A3 on the bumpy road, the hydraulic suspension will come in handy, serving as a buffer against the tossing.

To be further comfortable, Airwheel installs a saddle on the intelligent self-balancing electric hoverboards A3, which pioneers the characteristic sit-on mode of ride. Because of the saddle, the rider does not need worry about the fatigue caused by the long trip.

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