Silverlight Development Tools –

Microsoft Visual Studio -

Microsoft Visual Studio is software-based application widely used in creating web sites, web pages, web applications, web services along with this, it is also used in developing programs for Microsoft Windows. Visual Studio brings an entire toolkit of productive tools which are further utilized in creating application by using oversaw code. Visual studio uses Microsoft software development platforms like Windows API, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. All the current components of Visual Studio are accessible for Silverlight. This variant of Visual Studio incorporates Silverlight-particular components, including IntelliSense, investigating, and Silverlight venture formats that make and connection all required records.

Microsoft Blend –

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio is a client interface plan apparatus created and sold by Microsoft for making graphical interfaces for web and desktop applications that mix the elements of these two sorts of applications.This apparatus can be utilized to make and alter the presentation layer of an application by controlling the XAML canvas and controls, working with design, and programming the presentation layer with a dynamic dialect, for example, JavaScript. It was one of the applications in the Microsoft Expression Studio suite before that suite was stopped.

Deep Zoom innovation –

The new application, Deep Zoom innovation in Silverlight permits clients to see pictures on the Web like they never have. The smooth set up zooming and panning that Deep Zoom permits is a genuine progression and increases current standards on what picture survey ought to be. High determination pictures should be set up for use with Deep Zoom and this apparatus permits the client to make Deep Zoom organization documents that control the zooming background and after that fare all the vital records for sending with Silverlight 3.

Microsoft Silverlight –

Microsoft Silverlight is an expostulated application structure for composing and running rich Internet applications, like Adobe Flash. A module for Silverlight is accessible for a few programs. Silverlight is likewise one of the two application advancement stages for Windows Phone, yet pages that utilization Silverlight can’t keep running on the Windows Phone or Windows Mobile forms of Internet Explorer, as there is no Silverlight module for Internet Explorer on those stages.

Microsoft .NET RIA Services –

Microsoft .NET RIA Services improves the conventional n-tier application design by uniting the ASP.NET and Silverlight stages. The RIA Services gives an example to compose application rationale that keeps running on the mid-level and controls access to information for inquiries, changes and custom operations. It likewise gives end-to-end backing to normal assignments, for example, information acceptance, validation and parts by coordinating with Silverlight segments on the customer and ASP.NET on the mid-level.

Silverlight 3 Installation Procedure –

1. click on the link –

2. click on ‘GET STARTED’ Page by clicking it.

3. Discover Download Silverlight Link

4. Click on Install Now Option then you can download the Silverlight Plug-in.

5. At that point Install Silverlight By utilizing downloaded silverlight plug-as a part of installable setup programming.

6. While Installing Silverlight you can see the improvement screen as roar.

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