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One of the specialties of santamedical kneading massager is the pillow or cushion is very light in weight and ultra thin. The firmness in the cushion serves you the most relaxing sensations to your tired muscles which may have painful sensation due to some reason. Being a small sized cushion, it is portable and can be used at your workplace, office, home perfectly without any sort of complaint. The relief and relax that your muscles experience when you make use of massager cushion is far more beneficial and fruitful than that of undergoing a medical treatment. Even you legs and abdomen massage needs can be fulfilled by the santamedical magical cushion.

The kneading massager cushion is provided with electrical heating pad which deals with the muscle problems by focusing on the exact points where the sore was. You will be surprised to see quick results and the relaxation and comfort would be far more beyond your expectations. Santamedical kneading massager cushion has outstanding massaging effects with the technology of rotating and spot massage that deal with key points of soaring serving you with gentle and effective results. The electrical cushion massager is provided with automated programs with easiest way to deal as well as clockwise and anticlockwise control and use.