Announcing The Launch Of New E-Juice Flavors From FMVape USA

New high quality products are available for the vaping market at FMVape USA’s official site

July 10, 2016. New vaping products recently launched by FMVape USA signals the revolution of e-juice in the vaping market. FMVape USA has launched high quality new e-juice flavors such as Pinky Lemonade, Sweet Pralines, Minty, Strawberry Milkshake and Granny’s Strudel. These new flavors are now available at their official site

FMVape USA places high quality in the production and sale of their products. through their new online site, the company has delivered the bestvaping products to consumers and to retail customers all over the world. It was in the World Vapor Expo in Miami that FMVape USA first introduced their new flavors and they were very happy with the great feedback and sales.

Now that these new e-juice flavors are now available online, FMVape USA would like to invite vaping enthusiasts to try and share their new flavors. These new e-juice flavors aim to cater to people who are looking for something new, something exciting when it comes to vaping.

FMVape USA’s products are exclusively manufactured by FMVape LLC and are developed from unique formulas which guarantees quality and safety for customers. These are all made in Europe, are not tested on animals, and are of pharmaceutical quality and certification. Their e-liquids are made to be used for all types and brands of e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the next best thing to smoking. According to the International Vapor Group, e cigarettes are the future of smoking since users will get all the benefits that they get from smoking without tobacco, smoke and tar. Smokers can choose the flavor that they want and get the pleasure that they get from smoking when they use e-cigarettes.

E-cig flavors are overwhelming and range from flavors that mimic usual tobacco taste to fruity and coffee blends. These completely unique flavors from FMVape USA are exclusively available through their official website and through vaping stores found in the Miami area. For a complete list of shops that carry FMVape USA’s products customers may visit their shop directory at
A few words from customers that have tried FMVape USA’s new flavors:

“Your products are the best of the whole show! There is nothing of the same quality!”
“This is the best Milkshake I’ve ever tasted!” and “I love, love, love the Pinky Lemonade!”

A few words from the FMVape team about their new products:
“The quality, taste and packaging of our products are unmatched.”
“We introduce dour flavors on the World Vapor Expo in Miami and we were more than happy with the outstanding sales and feedback.”

Customers may visit FMVape USA official site for more information about their products and for exclusive discounts or email company CEO Marin Milan


About FMVape USA: FMVape USA was created to provide the best e-liquids to vaping customers. The company’s FMVape Team is made of entrepreneurs and experts that dreams of transforming FMVape USA as the number one e-liquid manufacturer. More information about their high quality e-liquid products can be found at their official site

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