Beijing People's Theater Installs HTL's Innovative Mobile LED Screens


The People's Theater in Beijing installed three HTL's 3MM UltraSlim LED screens creating 1,500 square feet of content in its theater stage. The new installments, as well as three new 12-inch tall scrolling screens as footers, are the largest of their kind in North China and feature 4K resolution.

The three new mobile LED screens combine for 1,500 square feet of video display show.

The new canvases were installed by HTL and replaced 18 video projectors — six per screen — that were more expensive to operate and maintain. The three new 3MM UltrSlim screens offer brighter pictures and reduced HVAC energy costs. The modular nature of the Lumens technology allowed for the screens to fit into the spaces left by the previous video technology. The theater stage was able to operate as normal with one screen being replaced while the other two remained on.

“These screens are literally running at just 10-percent of their potential brightness, and are already dramatically brighter than the projection video system they’re replacing,” said Steven Li, Chief Operating Officer at HTL. “It took about a week to install each solution, which is very fast considering there were a lot of connections to be made with the new head-end AV system we also installed. The P3 LED mobile displays were extremely easy to work with.”

At the beginning of the development process, the theater’s management and NTA consulted with HTL about what would be possible for its stage events experience to continue to compete with AV technology.

“They wanted this to be as cutting-edge as possible,” said Zhen, Vice President of HTL. “Their executives wanted the theater’s AV to be superior with the benefits that LED technology brings with it. HTL was able to provide exactly that, working closely with the customer and the integrator, we were able to make sure everyone’s expectations were met. As a result, the newly renovated theater is “a game changer” — a new benchmark and for the entire global media industry.”

The HTL 3MM UltraSlim LED displays offer brighter pictures and reduced HVAC energy costs.

“The new HTL visualization solutions look fantastic — there’s no separation between pixels,” said Kerry, Vice President of HTL. “Now, when you’re watching HD you are not limited by the display only by the source. This is the kind of investment that will continue to set the People's Theater apart.”

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