Daisy And Fern Offer 100% Natural Beauty Care & Bathing Products

Daisy and Fern come up with a collection of skin care products that pampers the skin and delights the senses with its exceptional qualitative standing. Buyers get a wide portfolio of skin care and bathing products that are 100% natural and come tender to the skin.

A splashing bath can bring a complete rejuvenation of the body and mind. The beauty care and bathing products can enhance the bathing experience and aside, these products assist users in maintaining health and hygiene. The soap bar is a daily utility product and it can be a wonderful gifting item for people who share an informal relationship. The portfolio of soap bars and the bathing products that Daisy and Fern  offers differ from the products from other providers in terms of its complete natural ingredients, tenderness to the skin as well as high qualitative standing that make these products the most sought-after beauty care and bathing products. The collection of handmade soap Argyll unique Scotland gift love is equally coveted as a gift item.

Daisy and Fern is a family-owned and operated business, serving the western coastal region of Scotland and the adjacent regions. All of its products are made out of 100% natural ingredients are completely handmade and packaged at the farm. This company has developed a sound distribution framework and ensures that the buyers get the delivery of the products within the shortest time span.

“Our aim is to provide natural beauty care and bathing products that will enable people to take care of health and hygiene. Our products are rated on very high notes for its qualitative standing and it offers a soothing experience to the users. We adopt a eco-friendly packaging system that not only retains the quality of the products but, comes friendly to the environment. Aside, we have got a reputation for adopting a high standard of ethics and values”, stated the spokesperson of the company.

About Daisy and Fern
Daisy and Fern is a family-owned and operated business, providing a wide portfolio of natural beauty care and bathing products. Please visit for more information.

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