South Florida Tune In! 18° Degrees North Returns to TV Sundays at 10am EST on CW, WSFL-TV

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Miami, Florida

18 Degrees North Returns to South Florida TV Sundays at 10am EST on South Florida's CW, WSFL-TV.

What: The Award Winning Investigative TV Magazine 18° Degrees North returns for a second season to South Florida TV
Where: South Florida's CW, WSFL-TV
When: 10am EST Sundays starting December 13, 2015

Details: Often described as the Caribbean's version of the show 60 Minutes, the Award-Winning investigative program, 18° Degrees North, is returning to the South Florida television market to feature in-depth news investigations related to the Caribbean with global impact. Founder, Executive Producer and Host Zahra Burton, said South Florida's CW, WSFL-TV, will begin airing the program on Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 10am EST and every Sunday thereafter. "This season is entertaining, riveting, jaw-dropping, and moving, all at the same time," said Burton. "My favorites are the investigations into the Tivoli Gardens massacre in Jamaica in 2010. What we reveal is appalling, Burton said."

18° Degrees North is a production of Global Reporters for the Caribbean, a consortium of journalists around the world committed to raising the bar on in-depth storytelling and investigative reporting in the Caribbean region. Among the highlights this season is a rare TV Interview with Turks and Caicos former Premier Michael Misick.

Burton said, "For the premiere episode, 18 Degrees North nabs a rare TV Interview with Michael Misick, who is facing corruption charges leveled by the British stemming from his premiership of the Turks and Caicos Islands (a British Overseas Territory). Misick came to prominence on the celebrity circuit when he married Hollywood actress LisaRaye McCoy, who is also interviewed in this episode. Misick's pre-trial proceedings started last week."  

Don't miss the premiere. Tune in Sunday, December 13, at 10am EST. 

Video Promo of this week's episode: