Does CAD move onto the cloud? Yesssss!

Mike Payne, chief executive officer told that Kenesto is looking to act as the Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox of the CAD world. Though cloud-storage solutions like Dropbox are seeing gaining in popularity’ but the typical cloud storage solutions aren’t ideal for CAD file management.

Those who use CAD require a solution customized to handle continually updated CAD files and their multiple users. The company’s Kenesto Drive stores CAD information and files online, which various, approved users can access.

The offering oppose other services like Autodesk’s A360 software, which allows design, engineering, and project teams to work in collaboration via a cloud-based centralized platform, and Onshape, a CAD system that exists entirely in the cloud and can also be accessed by multiple users.

Kenesto updated its drive to include features found on a company’s shared local area network (LAN) drive. The included capabilities are like work-safety features, such as a feature that bolts an in-use document so another same-time user can’t change it.

Engineering and design companies find several favorables when it comes to housing CAD files online, though the method also has its drawback. Chief among the advantages is storage. Like popular offerings such as Dropbox, cloud CAD providers offer a great deal of capacity and as well as low-cost upgrades for even more.

Other advantages include the capability to access data over any Internet connection, including from the mobile devices.

But cloud storage does carry some downside. Engineers could lose access to their own stat, should engineering companies choose not to renew or the giver go out of business. Should that happen, the engineering company could lose access to very important legacy information and even to data currently in the works.

Of course with online storage comes online security concerns, though companies that offer cloud storage take great measures to secure the informations.

The Kenesto update makes cloud storage ever-more desirable to engineering firms that wish to have collaborative CAD files available but that want to ensure only the latest version is in use and that changes can’t be made to by unauthorized users.

The overall look for in-the-cloud CAD and CAD storage options to become more available in the same way services like Flickr and Google Drive have become widely available and popular in recent years.

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