Fantasy Sports Business Consultant Offers Expertise to Reap the Fantasy Sports Multi-Billion Dollar

Fantasy sport business consultant launches its consultancy service to help business owners to reap a piece of the pie of this multi-billion dollar industry. They provide white label daily and traditional fantasy sports website and app software and also offer services on digital marketing, legal advice and even technical and business development expertise. Furthermore, they also assist startups to register offshore tax-free companies to reduce or eliminate any corporate taxes.

Some say they are the most experienced professionals in the global fantasy sports industry, having delivered fantasy sports solutions in U.S, South America, Europe and Asia for the past 8 years. They have worked on fantasy games in 7 different languages, including Spanish, Hebrews, Chinese and Japanese. They can cover every aspect of your fantasy sports business, from company registration to marketing, business development, outsourcing, customer service and even legal matters. Technical ability is also their forte as they managed to deploy fantasy sports games on web, iOS, Android, Facebook and even WAP platforms. As claimed, hiring them is like hiring an independent consultant team that could bring your fantasy sports business from zero to hero.

Their marketing consultancy service covers the entire digital marketing landscape from search engine optimization, press release to social media and to creating visibility for their clients on Wikipedia. Executing online payment provision on a global scale is a daunting task for any consultant to perform, particularly on a fantasy sports service. But this company believes they could deliver the necessary methods to accept online payments via the most popular mean in specific countries. Tackling legal issues on fantasy sports business has been rather a chore for law experts especially for daily fantasy genre, but having been there and done that, this fantasy sports consultant is confident that every legal matter surrounding fantasy sports can be dealt with a fair and practical approach without entering any court, be it IP related or concerning legislations in specific U.S states.

Daily fantasy sport is still relatively new outside of U.S and this offer borderless opportunities for first-moving entrepreneurs to sweep the global market, just like what Fanduel and DraftKings did in the U.S domestic market. This consulting company can play an integral role in the success of your fantasy sports business as they are focused on pragmatic business strategies with hands-on approach, unlike other consultants that prefer and business planning and passive approach. For more info about their service, visit their website,

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Address: 2290 Marion Drive, San Francisco, California, USA
Phone: 813-364-2308
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