MILWAUKEE, WI, May 23rd, 2016 -- Okanjo, a Milwaukee-based native commerce company has announced a strategic partnership with Lee Enterprises (NYSE: LEE). Lee Enterprises is a leading provider of local news and information, and a major platform for advertising, in its markets. Across 22 states, Lee operates 46 daily newspapers and has a joint interest in four others.

Okanjo will be working with Lee’s digital sites, which attract more than 20 million unique visits monthly in markets stretching from Madison, WI to Napa, CA. The partnership will equip Lee Enterprises with Okanjo's Marketplace and Native Commerce technology, which includes:

>      Product Match - Product Match reads a publisher’s online content for sentiment, context and keywords, then places relevant advertiser products next to that content, ensuring the right products appear in the right places.

>      In-Ad Transactions - Okanjo powers shoppable display ads. Users complete their entire purchase within the ad unit, never leaving the publisher's page.

>      Digital Auctions - Okanjo’s best-in-class auctions platform enables online publishers to run auctions directly on their site and feature products next to content through Product Match.

Okanjo’s Native Commerce provides attractive eCommerce options to Lee Enterprises’ digital advertising customers by enabling easy eCommerce and targeted product exposure for SMBs.

 “We’re very excited to be working with Lee Enterprises,” said Okanjo CEO, Mike Drescher, “Lee is a digital leader in the news media industry. Working with their teams will provide Okanjo with new strategic insights and powerful customer data to further advance our technology.”

In addition to a strategic partnership, Lee Enterprises’ Vice President of Digital, James Green, will be joining Okanjo’s Board of Directors. “Lee Enterprises has the data and experience with SMBs to guide and grow Okanjo’s Native Commerce efforts in the market,” said James Green, “We look forward to furthering our digital onramp for SMBs with Okanjo.”

Lee Enterprises will be rolling out Okanjo Marketplaces, Product Match and Auctions over the next six months, equipping their publishers and small business customers with a full suite of commerce tools.


About Okanjo

Okanjo transforms content into commerce. Okanjo's Native Commerce platform provides publishers and advertisers with turnkey solutions that increase consumer engagement and enhance the online buying process. Okanjo's technology powers a variety of eCommerce tools, including: Native Marketplaces, Shoppable Display Ads, Contextual Product Matching and eCommerce Storefronts. Okanjo was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Learn more about Okanjo at