Nonprofit's housing initiative gives family a home once more


CommunicAID, the local nonprofit, helps a family find a new home through new initiative this year.

  • CommunicAID's Mercer Center housing initiative helped the White family find a new apartment after experiencing temporary homelessness
  • The Mercer Center's family center was able to provide services to the family to find a new apartment
  • The housing initiative in partnership with Homes For All allowed the center to renovate a 12-apartment block earlier this year
  • Mercer Center and CommunicAID situated in an area struggling with crime, poverty and education
  • The family appreciates the help CommunicAID's Mercer Center provided to them 
  • CommunicAID is dedicated to the work they do in the community


  • "Our goal at CommunicAID is to help communities that need it the most and to create a lifelong commitment to them and their citizens in the process." - CommunicAID's President, Suzanne J. McGrath
  • "Working with the Whites and their housing situation and helping others that use our services is what makes our jobs at CommunicAID so rewarding."- CommunicAID's Director of Housing Services, Hannah Jones

Contact Information

Carmen Spencer

Director of Public Relations, CommunicAID

1322 Main St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213



CommunicAID's Mercer Center starts #housinginitiative to brings families back home  

 Brandon, Jamal, Marc and Terri White (left to right) sitting in their new apartment they moved into last weekend.

 The newly renovated 12-block apartment building on 2323 Aynor St. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania opened in January as a result of a partnership between CommunicAID and Homes For All.