Long Island Local SEO Guide Has Been Published

Long Island SEO Service Company, a search engine optimization expert, announced its new guide, the Long Island Local SEO Guide, serving companies in Long Island, New York to increase online lead phone calls and website sales with internet marketing services and consultations.

The company is sharing “inside” knowledge following an intense research of Google ranking factors as they relate particularly to search results of local businesses in the Long Island market area. A recent study about search engines discovered that about 43% of searches on Google are for local products and services near the searchers’ home. The report contains a list of SEO tips, which have been proven to work in this geographic area that is challenging and unique due to its non-circular layout from the closest metropolitan city New York.

The market area of Long Island is posing challenges because of its non-concentric layout. Most of the suburban areas around the major metropolitan cities have been shaped in a circular radius from the mid- point of a major city as LA. Nevertheless, while New York City is the major metropolitan city wherein Long Island suburbs are part, you will not find many major hub cities on the island itself. Rather, there are groups of cities, neighbourhoods, which are named with common slang terms like Three Villages, Five Towns, the North Shore, the North Fork, the Hamptons, and more.

Because of this, it is posing particular challenges and the necessity for exact procedures followed to attain the significant lead and traffic generation of small businesses located in Long Island, regardless if they are looking for local customers in the Suffolk or Nassau countries. This local SEO guide will educate local business owners in Long Island and empower them to know the way to get their interest presence improved, and to get new leads and customers from the web.

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The Long Island SEO Service Company has produced proven results as their happy small business owners from Riverhead, Suffolk County, Long Island; New York have seen for themselves (*see testimonials below). The President of this search engine marketing company, Paula Daniel, has studied with Google and a Master Mind group of top search engine marketing professionals from across the globe to learn the ins and outs of Google algorithm.

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