Dr.Wayne Dyer Remembered by Dr.Pillai aka. Sri Guruji

Dr. Pillai remembers His relationship with Dr. Wayne Dyer. It started with him having no choice but to give over the "AH" Meditation- "The Simple Sound that will do everything!"

Dr. Dyer was asked why HE was given this sacred and powerful sound. His reply:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.”

  - Dr. Dyer about Dr. Pillai, Honoring The Guru

Dr. Dyer dedicated his book 'Manifest Your Destiny' to Dr. Pillai aka Sri Guruji or Dattatriya Siva Baba after receiving its basic contents from a mysterious cassette tape that seemed to call out “Listen to me, listen to me!”

In this video you'll also Find out the Wisdom Quote that Dr. Pillai gave to Dr. Dyer that ended his sorrow and confusion and allowed him to Manifest his own destiny.

Dr. Dyer also honored Dr. Pillai in his last book 'I Can See Clearly Now'.

Dr. Pillai declares Dyer a "Good Soul" and that Dr. Dyer’s book ‘Erroneous Zones’ will become a classic forever!

What's the Ah Meditation?    (Try it for FREE: HERE)

"It is a technique where you raise the energy, Kundalini energy from your Root Chakra, to the 3rd Eye Chakra, and then visualize whatever you want to manifest, a car, or a house, or whatever, relationship, or healing. You’ll manifest that."

I told [Dr. Dyer] that even if you say a syllable like: “AH” which is equivalent to years, and years, and years of lectures, the sound will do everything. He liked that. And he also liked a concept that he had expanded in the book that he dedicated to me, the first book: ”Manifest Your Destiny,” the saying is: “You cannot manifest that which you cannot conceive.” In other words you have to be able to conceive, you have to become pregnant in order to deliver. You’ll find him explaining that concept in that book. It’s still even now a great concept. And how do you become pregnant and be able to conceive? It is by empowering your mind, by delimiting your mind.