Today’s Preferred Method Of Marketing Hits Malaysia With Ninja Emails

Malaysia – Email marketing, the number one preferred method of business outreach today, is taking the globe by storm. In the current digital era, consumers are voting in high numbers for an email marketing approach over cold calls and door-to-door pandering. People don’t want to be texted, they don’t want strangers on their doorsteps, and they really don’t want a company to phone their personal cellphone.

Businesses have taken note, and are turning their attentions to email marketing in Malaysia .

Ninja Emails Malaysia, an email marketing network designed to make the process easier than ever before, is capitalizing from this shift in consumer sentiment. Cognizant of the fact that email marketing may seem daunting to many, Ninja Emails is on a quest to make the lucrative market easier to manage than ever before.

“Many business owners today are unable to understand social media, let alone manage an effective email marketing campaign,” said Atsushi Naruto, Founder and Owner of Email Marketing Malaysia . “That’s why we wanted to create an easy to use and easy to understand platform, helpful for the most amateur of users. The world has entered a digital era, and it’s not going away anytime soon.”

Unlike other emailing networks, Ninja Emails is unique in that they do not mandate any email caps on users. Sites like Gmail and Hotmail place restraints on users so their campaigns can only reach 300 or 400 people in a given time period. Ninja Emails removed that facet from their platform for widespread reach.

Additionally, Ninja Emails provides users with only one report after campaigns. Their main objective is to make email marketing easy to grasp for the most old fashioned of business owners.

“Our goal is to encourage everyone out there to understand the effectiveness of email marketing and not feel afraid to incorporate it,” said Naruto. “It’s such an important marketing tool today, and we won’t rest until every Malaysian individual feels like they have a grasp on it.”

Malaysia Email Marketing has a global database in excess of 10 million opt-in subscribers.

For more information, visit:

Atsushi Naruto
Phone: 0748-88-5001
Address: 394 Oki Koka-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga, Japan