Siborg Will Soon be Offering Bluetooth Enabled Smart Tweezers

Waterloo, Ontario based Siborg Systems Inc. will soon begin offering a new model of Smart Tweezers LCR and ESR meter, the ST5S-BT. This model allows users to remotely record their measurements in real time.

The new ST5S-BT is based on the previous ST-5S model, the leading model in the Smart Tweezers family. This model has the most features and most customization for users with extensive menus and functions, as well as the highest basic accuracy of 0.2%.

The new Bluetooth enabled model will allow users to connect with the NI LabView┬« environment. Eventually, the device will be able to connect with Android, Windows and iOS compatible apps. The ability to record measurement values allows users to be able to look over previously measured components instead of needing to re-test. 

The device will be able to connect using a USB receiver stick that enables a virtual serial port. All measurement values are sent as a string of values separated by commas; an example of this is C1.398nF,3.461kR,10kHz,0.5,S,,,,

This chain of values represents what is shown on the Smart Tweezers' screen while testing. The first value as the main impedance value with the type (in this case, 'C'), the secondary impedance and value (R), the test frequency (10kHz), test sigan level (0.5V), measurement mode (S for serial), and 4 reserved values. This information can be recieved by any communication software, such as the Tera Term software (as seen above in the photos). This data stream can be saved into a file or documented as needed. When connected to LabView, the data can be processed for future use and stored within databases.

Smart Tweezers are fully automatic LCR- and ESR-meters that made their debut in the early 2000's. They are a unique alternative to testing and troubleshooting SMT with conventional testers. The device is lightweight, compact and easy to use; at only 1oz. it is nearly undetectable in a bag or pocket and is perfect for in-field work. Instead of long wire leads that require both hands to use, Smart Tweezers has gold-plated tweezers that are able to reach and grasp all size of components either loose or mounted on a crowded PCB. With just a touch, Smart Tweezers automatically determines the type of component and best test parameters before measuring with 0.2% basic accuracy. All measurement values are instantly displayed on the devices OLED display. Smart Tweezers are efficient for all work including maintenance and repair to manufacturing, particularily for time-sensitive work like that on production lines.

The ST-5S is the main choice in the line of LCR and ESR meters for professionals; this model offers features such as continuity and diode testing, offset subtraction and component sorting. It also comes with an NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate which may be required by companies.

The ST5S-BT will be available in the LCR-Reader Store in mid-May, and possibly by Siborg's Amazon sales channels in Canada, USA and Europe later on. The LCR-Reader Store has lots of products for SMT work, including Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader Task Kits that offer customers accessories along with their devices. Siborg has also begun offering NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates for the LCR-Reader in the store. Visit today!

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