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San Francisco, CA – Many dating sites are behind walls that need log in credentials and payments to even take a look. Many individuals end up signing up for dating sites based on hopes that things will work out. Instead of leaving users hoping that their gut instincts are correct a new website has been launched to review one dating herpes and STD dating site. reviews looks to unearth the mystery behind the popular STD and herpes dating website and give an unbiased review.

Website founder Julie Smith had this to say about the website:

People are tired of paying high prices to adult dating websites that end up being busts. No one wants to join a website with little real or even few fake users. People want a site that also is functional and provides an extensive amount of features. We started Positive Single Reviews as a filler for the void the current market has. We want to educate people about positive singles and give them an idea if the website is good for them. Our website looks at both the functionality of the desktop and mobile platform of positive singles and also any success stories we can find from actual users. We are not afraid to give props or be harsh critics and look forward to educating the masses about positive singles. After less than a year of running we have seen a huge increase in traffic and our company is exploring the possibility of joining more dating websites and giving more unbiased reviews.

Positive singles work with top researchers to set up accurate data collection on Positive Singles. The researchers use carefully administered tests and surveys to obtain factual results. Success stories found on positive singles are based upon real users who are chosen at random to give their feedback. Both successes and heartbreaks are noted and available for viewing of the general public and give users the idea of the type of success they may have in the future.

Aside from reviewing the desktop and mobile versions of Positive Singles website, also come up with pithy tips for people who are generally interested in STD dating. The reviewers said that the tips and advices section is specifically meant for STD dating enthusiasts who have never used a dating site or portal before. The independent review site also uses screenshots to explain the registration process for Positive Singles. Not only that, the site explains different membership levels and their benefits so that their readers can take informed decisions during joining the much popular STD dating portal.

“STD dating is still a taboo in many societies. We are here to make people less prejudiced about STD dating. Sites like Positive Singles are doing a great job by providing platforms to the people infected with STDs to strike conversations with people who are affected and looking for dating partners online. In a world where uninfected people keep on stereotyping people with STDs, it’s important that the STD infected get a chance to meet and greet each other. Since Positive Singles is one of the best sites in these niche, we thought we should review it thoroughly to help our readers take informed decisions”, said a site administrator of Positive Single reviews.

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